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Parents.com & Meredith

Meredith Corporation asked us to design and animate three short how-to videos for Parents.com.

  1. One to help parents leave a toy store without buying anything for their toddler.
  2. Another to get toddlers to eat what you want them to eat.
  3. And a third to help parents deal with toddlers’ whining, meltdowns, and the inevitable “I Want, I Want, I Want!”

Many of us have been in these situations—and even if you’re not a parent, you’ve no doubt witnessed one at some point… much to your horror.

Toddlers may seem impossible to deal with in a rational way—but that’s just not true. These three videos provide expert advice for parents on how to clearly and calmly avoid or defuse potentially explosive toddler situations, wherever you are.

Working with Meredith Corporation and Parents.com, we developed a character called Super Parent who helps work though these three scenarios with grace and control.

The videos are featured on the Parents.com web site and have been shared thousands of times.