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Eating Well Magazine

Eating Well magazine, whose tagline is “Where Good Taste Meets Good Health,” had a multi-page article for the July/August 2015 issue that needed some information design to help readers understand a complicated issue. The piece, “Good Seed, Bad Seed” by award-winning author Barry Eastabrook, focused on the hot topic of GMOs and their capabilities as either the answer to more efficient farming or the root cause of an unhealthy food supply.

This topic can be dense, inaccessible and full of scientific lingo, so Tremendousness helped Eating Well visualize the complexities involving GMOs and break them down into digestible bites, including illustrations of the cycle of pollination and how it’s been taken over by hybridization and genetic modification.

In order to really see how something like GMO farming can affect daily life, we also created a smaller infographic that recounts a day in the life of the author, whose attempt to eat all non-GMO foods is thwarted when it comes to common condiments, snacks, and the alcohol in his cupboards. The article was a finalist for a 2015 James Beard Award.