The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #77

  1. Learning Lab: Visual Exercises for a Better Future | “Learning Lab at ADMERICA centered on drawing and free form thought. They call it Visual Thinking, and it’s a process, which gives collaborators the tools needed to structure and generate ideas. The Learning Lab challenged attendees to talk to each other, use their drawing skills to generate ideas, and get involved in the creative ideation process.”
  2. The Art of Opportunity | Our friends Parker Lee and Matt Morasky have collaborated with Marc Sniukas to author a fantastic new book, The Art of Opportunity. Congrats, guys!
  3. The Art of Punk and the Punk Aesthetic | “For a musical and social movement that snarled in the face of authority and wasn’t averse to spitting at its friends, punk has received a great many shelf inches in the last 30 years respectfully devoted to histories, reassessments and eyewitness accounts.”
  4. Design Thinking makes its way into Yale School of Management | “The school will introduce Design Observer co-founders Jessica Helfand and Michael Bierut as faculty.”
  5. Goethe’s Theory of Colors: The 1810 Treatise That Inspired Kandinsky & Early Abstract Painting | “I doubt I need to list for you the many titles of the 18th century German savant and polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, but allow me to add one or two that were new to me, at least: color theorist (or phenomenologist of color) and progenitor of abstract expressionism.”
  6. UNICEF: Unfairy Tales | “As the political debate over the refugee crisis rages on, the only voices we don’t hear are those of the children whose lives have been torn apart.” Powerful animated storytelling about the Syrian refugee crisis.
  7. Adam Savage announces the White House’s upcoming National Week of Making | “In a new video, Adam Savage celebrates the upcoming National Week of Making that the White House is hosting again this year. To kick off his week in the sort of unique way that only Adam Savage can, he has been asking his social media followers to tag pictures of their personal workspaces, the happy places where they go to create something from nothing.”
  8. Meet Design Inc. — Beta. | “Today we are thrilled to announce the Design Inc. Beta. We are opening our doors for the first time to share the first aspects of our platform and to share a bit more about what we have been up to. Skip to the bottom if you want to sign up for our Beta, or continue reading to get the full skinny on Design Inc.”
  9. 15 Things Insanely-Productive People Do Differently | “Productivity is not doing lots of stuff fast. You can do lots of stuff and get nowhere closer to your ideal. Most people are living their lives this way. They are burning themselves out running in a million different directions. Our society has become obsessed with constant doing. There’s little time left for being and living.”
  10. This and only this is a sandwich | “In today’s post on “What is barbecue?” I skipped past “is a hot dog a sandwich?” so quickly that I forgot to answer the question. So in the same spirit in which someone can boldly declare that only smoked, slow-cooked pork is barbecue, here is my minimal definition of a sandwich: A sandwich is any solid or semi-solid filling between two or more slices of bread. Not a roll, not a wrap, not a leaf of lettuce: sliced bread. What is inside far less than the container. Consequently…”

Image: artwork for UNICEF, link #6.