Virtual collaboration is how we work now. Live sketching brings it to life.

Welcome to episode two of our Two Minutes of Tremendousness video series (here’s episode one). In these, we explain key visual thinking concepts as well as how and what we do—and why it all works.

Today’s topic: How does live sketching improve virtual collaboration?

I’m just going to give a quick intro then get out of the way because Drew Crowley, Tremendousness’ Director of Live Sketching, covers it so well in the video.

We have always worked virtually. We traveled when needed, and still can, but the last two years helped a lot more people get on board with remote work. Despite the modern miracle of being able to collaborate regardless of where you are, these virtual meetings and brainstorming sessions can start to feel the same. They drag on. There are always distractions. Words are sometimes inadequate for conveying new and innovative ideas. People end up uninspired.

But live sketching bridges the gap between the words we speak and the clarity we desire. When everyone is looking at the same picture, they’re suddenly able to say “yes, that’s it!” or “no, it’s more like this”. People just “get it” faster, better, and together—whether they’re in same conference room or on different continents. This leads to action and outcomes (as well as injecting a little fun into our workdays).

That’s our pitch. Watch the video to learn more about how virtual collaboration and live sketching work together to get you real results.