The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #30

  1. 9 Squares | “An international collaboration of 9 different designer/animators. Each designer creates an abstract, 350px, 3 second animated square to make up a single GIF loop, from a 4-colour palette.”
  2. Picking up Slack at Panic | “Before the legendary Panic found Slack, they used a variety of communication tools like instant messages and email, and tried several collaboration apps. The shortcomings were obvious: too much email, with mundane things taking as much attention as important ones, while searching across devices and applications for past conversations proved nearly impossible.”
  3. Writer Visualizes ‘The Art of War’ In Charts And Graphs | “Author and artist Jessica Hagy of Seattle has built her career on visual thinking, earning a Webby award for her imaginative and popular blog Indexed. Now Hagy is out with a new book called “The Art of War Visualized: The Sun Tzu Classic in Charts and Graphs.””
  4. Brian Solis and Hugh MacLeod Share Why Art and Storytelling Inspire Engagement | “While at SXSW, Brian Solis and Hugh MacLeod joined Trisha Hersheberger and Khail Anonymous on stage in the PayPal TechSet lounge to talk about art in a new era of engagement.”
  5. Creative Residency | “For the next year, Adobe will sponsor me so that I am able to work with complete independence on creative projects of my own choosing (provided that I transmit useful ideas back to the creative community, rather than being a complete work-hermit).”
  6. Layers | “A 3-day conference during wwdc to talk about design, celebrate our industry, and eat snacks. Like a party, but for learning.”
  7. My rocky first 24hrs with the ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ | “I’m an insufferable asshole, and I’m here to complain about my brand new $350 luxury watch that so far hasn’t lived up to my insanely high expectations, which I am publishing here on Medium using my 5k iMac.”
  8. What it takes to change your brain’s patterns after age 25 | “Most of our brain’s patterns are solidified by our mid-20s, but it’s possible to change your brain’s pathways and patterns with these methods.”
  9. Google Ventures On How To Design A Killer Website | “To build the best consumer website, go shopping, says GV’s Michael Margolis.”
  10. Why Cloudy Days Help Us Think More Clearly | “Just as melancholy, that raincloud of the mind, expands our capacity for creativity, so does actual gloomy weather — clouds, it turns out, offer something possibly more tangible, certainly more pragmatic, than “contemplation [that] benefits the soul”; their proverbial silver lining is more than proverbial…”

Artwork by 9 Squares, link #1.