The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #275

  1. Why writing by hand beats typing for thinking and learning | “Both handwriting and typing involve moving our hands and fingers to create words on a page. But handwriting, it turns out, requires a lot more fine-tuned coordination between the motor and visual systems. This seems to more deeply engage the brain in ways that support learning.”
  2. Graphic Designers You Should Know About In 50 Seconds | “In this episode of our ‘Graphic Designers You Should Know About in 50 Seconds’ series, we go all the way back to 1860 to talk about the legendary Alphonse Mucha.”
  3. “Digital Decay”: How 38% of Websites from 2013 Have Vanished from the Internet | “A new study highlights a significant issue on the internet: much of the content that appears there vanishes within months or years. The web is constantly disintegrating, with millions of sites and web pages that were once available now disappearing. This phenomenon, though known, lacked concrete data about its scale — until now.”
  4. How Pentagram Works | “ Marina [Willer] joined Pentagram in 2012 and was the first female partner in the London office … ‘There is something collectively developed by a group of people running a ship, and it’s different to a more hierarchical model or a model where there are many layers between the client and the people creating the work.'”
  5. Why Do People Make Music? | “In a new study, researchers found universal features of songs across many cultures, suggesting that music evolved in our distant ancestors.”
  6. Brainwriting as an alternative to brainstorming | “Move over, brainstorming. Here’s a science-backed technique for combining individual creativity with group wisdom.”
  7. In Her First U.S. Retrospective, Vivian Maier Proves to Be Much More than a Street Photographer | “At New York’s Fotografiska, the “nanny photographer” gets her greatest showing yet on these shores.”
  8. How to learn faster | “Scientists have discovered that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain, unless it’s done in play, in which case it only takes 10 to 20 repetitions.”
  9. Slack’s new lists feature could be a game-changer for project management | “Asana, it looks like you’ve got some competition.”
  10. Matt Damon’s secret to creativity and growth | “We need to give ourselves permission to try new things and swing big. It’s the only way we can discover new ground and push ourselves forward.”

Visual: Photo by eleni koureas on Unsplash.