The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #260

  1. How to think in questions, not answers | “Tips for entering the what if? zone.”
  2. Spotify Wrapped is a design nightmare | “Spotify Wrapped is every music geek’s favourite time of the year. But it seems as though the internet has noticed something a little off about this year’s wrapped celebrations – and now we can’t unsee it.”
  3. Async, not avatars: Slack’s Stewart Butterfield on the future of work | “Can a messaging app replace your office? Is that even the goal? Slack’s CEO takes us into what 2022 holds for workplaces everywhere.”
  4. Working 9 to 5? ‘Out of Office’ author says maybe it’s time to rethink that | “In the new book Out of Office, Petersen and her partner and co-author, Charlie Warzel, make the case that the pandemic has created a rare opportunity to rethink the shape of work life — including the 9-to-5 workday.”
  5. Adobe launches Creative Cloud Express, a new app that simplifies its powerful editing tools | “For making menus, brochures, and social media posts.”
  6. Step Inside Sean Anderson’s Memphis Studio, Where Black Interiors Inspire Creativity | “The designer has one secret to keeping the antiques-filled studio in order.”
  7. Why it’s too early to get excited about Web3 | “There’s been a lot of talk about Web3 lately, and as the person who defined “Web 2.0” 17 years ago, I’m often asked to comment. I’ve generally avoided doing so because most prognostications about the future turn out to be wrong. What we can do, though, is to ask ourselves questions that help us see more deeply into the present, the soil in which the future is rooted.”
  8. Sell NFTs on Shopify | “Mint and sell your own branded NFTs with Shopify and Shopify Payments—right from your store. Join the NFT Beta Program today.”
  9. How to Pass on Your iPhone Data After You Die | “The only new iOS 15.2 feature that’s a matter of life and death. Literally.”
  10. This career path belongs to ambitious introverts | “An ambitious introvert who wants it badly and flourishes in quietness is a formidable adversary in this internet landscape.”

Image: Via Adobe, from link #5.