The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #254

  1. What Causes a Creative Hot Streak? A New Study Found That It Often Involves These Two Habits | “Jackson Pollock is one of three examples used to show how a hot streak manifests.” Also: “The world’s most creative people have this one thing in common“.
  2. The world’s most creative people have this one thing in common | “Researchers used artificial intelligence to study the careers of 4,500 directors, 70,000 scientists, and 2,000 artists. The most successful among them share an important trait.”
  3. PROVIDING VALUABLE FEEDBACK | “As a leader, giving feedback is part of your job and doing it well is a skill you need to develop and exercise regularly. There are many benefits to frequent considerate feedback, whether positive or constructive, that is delivered effectively and with consideration of unconscious biases. These benefits include a boost in team engagement and morale, reinforcement of individual accountability, and improved performance. Furthermore, frequent feedback builds trust and nurtures relationships, improves communication lines, retains top talent, helps leaders lead better, and helps organisations achieve their goals.”
  4. 6 Overlooked Superpowers of Introverts in the Workplace | “If you are an extrovert, you have an advantage in most Western societies. The stereotype of a successful leader is dominated by extroverted characteristics.”
  5. Slack launches clips, video messages that help you avoid meetings | “Clips supports audio from a microphone, alongside video and screen recordings. They’re designed to help teams communicate across various time zones, and cut down on the amount of meetings that are now taking place in a hybrid work era.”
  6. Inside Amgen’s “Virtual-First” Approach to Work | “Amgen CEO Bob Bradway recently sent a letter to employees explaining that, ‘after much reflection on the many lessons learned over the past year, we have decided that most site-based staff working from home today will continue to work from home for the majority of their time – even after the pandemic has ended.'” (Disclosure: Amgen is a client.)
  7. The Lives Lost to Undervaccination, in Charts | “The Covid-19 vaccines save lives. Unlike much of the world, the United States has an overabundant supply. And yet many areas and groups of people in the United States are undervaccinated. This has led to preventable deaths throughout the country.”
  8. The colour of the sun isn’t yellow (and everyone’s totally confused) | “The true colour of the sun has been revealed, and if you haven’t already guessed, it isn’t yellow at all. Nor is it red, or orange like the media depicts. So, what colour is the sun? “
  9. The Secret Behind the Best Steve Jobs Speech: Why Does It Work So Well? | “Jobs uses narrative arcs to convey his message.”

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash.