The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #212

  1. What it means to be anti-racist | “It’s not enough to be ‘not racist,’ experts and educators say.”
  2. For Our White Friends Desiring to Be Allies | “I am not going to do much coddling here; I don’t know that I believe that love requires coddling. Here are six things you can do to be stronger allies.”
  3. Donate for Black America | “A list of places where you can donate and support black lives.”
  4. What Not To Say To Your Black Colleagues Right Now | “Don’t focus on your own feelings or make assumptions when offering support to Black colleagues amid police brutality protests.”
  5. Relaxing the Rules of Social Distancing | “When it’s time to invite people over, would-be hosts face tough conversations with friends and family on their standards for avoiding coronavirus infection.”
  6. The Design “Collaboration” Platform That’s Gone Viral | “Patrick Thomas’ digital design workshop Open_collab has taken off since we’ve locked down.”
  7. Can We Teach Graphic Design History Without the Cult of Hero Worship? | “In a 2009 article for Design and Culture, Johanna Drucker compared Phillip Meggs’ groundbreaking A History of Graphic Design (1983) to Richard Hollis’ Graphic Design: A Concise History (1994). These two books were instrumental in establishing the graphic design canon, and are still widely used in courses in Europe and the United States. Drucker offered a respectful and thorough critique, observing that in Meggs’ history, design objects are the result of a designer’s special genius rather than cultural influences or economic pressures. In Hollis’s model, pioneers still instigate change, but this happens within ‘social circumstances and cultural functions.'”
  8. Why a four day working week could save us and the planet | “The positive outcomes of working one less day per week go beyond just the personal pleasure of having another day of downtime, according to Dr De Neve. ‘We also know it’s good for the environment because people are obviously less stuck in traffic.'”
  9. Finally, Software That Turns Confusing Math Equations Into Simple Images | “Illustrating math equations can help students make sense of the abstract.”
  10. Experience Is Dead, Welcome to Unlearning | “Why learning is the most important skill of the 21st century.”

Image: posters via Patrick Thomas’ digital design workshop Open_collab, link #6.