The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #180

  1. Bill Gates Says This 1 Employee Perk Is Most Important. A New Harvard Study Backs Him Up | “It turns out employees want this, and it just might make them more productive.”
  2. Introducing “charm” into visual storytelling | “When I was in college, I was tasked with drawing a dog as part of an assignment. Every day, I would bring a slightly different dog drawing to class—and every day, my professor would frown at my work and tell me I needed to redo it.”
  3. Reasons to be Cheerful | “Reasons to be Cheerful is a non-profit editorial project that is tonic for tumultuous times… David Byrne is the founder and in-house headline writer of Reasons to be Cheerful, and the founder of the Arbutus Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to re-imagining the world through projects that inspire and educate.”
  4. From Storytelling To Scrollytelling: A Short Introduction and Beyond | “Likely you have already heard about (Visual) Storytelling. It is a design concept applied in Journalism, Business, Sport, Medicine, Education, and Science. Its exploration keeps growing thanks to the availability and application of a wide variety of techniques.”
  5. Turns Out Storytelling Isn’t Always The Best Way to Get People to Believe Facts | “Storytelling is one of humanity’s most powerful tools. Commonly used by educators, politicians and advertisers, stories have the power to influence and teach, inspire and persuade.”
  6. Pinterest makes aggressive new move in fight against vaccine misinformation | “Users who search for terms related to vaccines will be presented with information from major public health organizations.”
  7. New Logo for Basecamp | “Overall, it’s an odd update and even more odd is that there is no acknowledgment of the change given that Basecamp has always been super open about any changes/updates they do to their app and business.”
  8. Trump tweets 2020 campaign logo linked to alt-right and white supremacy groups | “It isn’t the first time Trump has shared content from white supremacists and neo-Nazis.”
  9. Why Looks Different Today | “It’s faster, cleaner, and easier to read. We’re ADA compliant to boot!”
  10. Graphic Thinking: A Panel on Data Visualization | “This panel discussion addressing the themes of the Charting History: Data Visualization Through the Years exhibit, focused on the history and future of data visualization, will include: Heather Corcoran, Halsey C. Ives Professor of Art in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts and Interim Dean of University College [at Washington University in St. Louis]; Lisa Marie Harrison, Art Director, Analytic Production and Design Center, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency; Geoff Ward, Associate Professor and Associate Chair, African and African-American Studies. Following the panel discussion join us for a special reception and a showcase of data visualization projects.”
  11. Bonus link: Good / Fast / Cheap. Via Chris Glass

Image: logo comparison by Under Consideration, link #7.