The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #176

  1. Design legend Stefan Sagmeister steps away from commercial work for good | “His partner Jessica Walsh will take over Sagmeister & Walsh’s commercial projects, and its employees will shift over to her new agency, called &Walsh.”
  2. &Walsh launches, joining the .1% of Women Founded Creative Agencies | “Today, as I launch my creative agency &Walsh, I am overwhelmed with emotion: elation that this is finally happening, exhaustion from the non-stop work that brought me to this point & an anxious excitement about what’s next.”
  3. The exclamation mark is thought to have developed from a Latin expression, | , “‘io’, used to express joy or triumph. Sometime around the early 15th century, scribes began to condense ‘io’ into a single space, with the I placed above the O, eventually forming a single character, ! .”
  4. It’s Never Going to Be Perfect, So Just Get It Done | “‘At some point, we must remind ourselves, any changes we make to a creation no longer make it better but just different (and sometimes worse),’ Dr. Alex Lickerman wrote in Psychology Today on the topic of just getting things done.”
  5. The Happiest Design Ethics Article You Will Ever Read | “Ethical design isn’t a punishment; it’s a true expression of what design is really about.”
  6. A Recession Is Coming (Eventually). Here’s Where You’ll See It First. | “Economists don’t know when the decade-long expansion, now the longest in American history, will end. But here are the indicators they will be watching to figure it out.”
  7. Here’s where you can have a 4-day work week. Is this the next big thing? | “A few years ago, Amy Balliett, CEO of a Seattle-based design and marketing firm, noticed that as the work week slogged on, her employees’ energy and productivity wilted… So she decided to squeeze the work week into four 10-hour days, with her 30 employees taking off either Friday or Monday. Now, she says, ‘Our team has more energy throughout the week since they have three days to recharge instead of just two.’ And with less time to complete tasks, ‘They’re far more efficient and focused,’ producing 25% more with the same-size staff.”
  8. A personality scientist designed a simple checklist that can tell you if your creativity might be hurting your career | “We live in a world that celebrates innovation and glorifies creatives as the new rock stars, so you would be forgiven to assume that there is no way to make it in your career unless you are blessed with extremely high doses of creativity. After all, that’s how Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are making the world a better place, right?”
  9. Ugly Gerry | “A font created by your congressional districts.”
  10. Sometimes I have to remind myself…

Image: photo via link #2, courtesy &Walsh.