The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #156

  1. 2018: The Year in Visual Stories and Graphics | “Selected Times graphics, visualizations and multimedia stories from the year.”
  2. The 45 Best — And Weirdest — Charts We Made In 2018 | “Another year, another few hundred charts and maps on FiveThirtyEight… To celebrate the end of the year, our team of visual journalists got together and looked back at some of their favorite graphics. Here are 45, in no particular order. If one really whets your appetite, click on the chart and you’ll be brought to the story from which it sprang.”
  3. The Best ‘Design’ Books That Aren’t Explicitly About Design. | “I asked a whole bunch of designers what books, which weren’t specifically about digital or graphic design, inspired them. And, wow I got a ton of great responses. Here are twelve of the most popular recommendations.”
  4. My Must-Have iOS Apps, 2018 Edition | “Putting together my annual list of Must-Have iOS Apps is an exercise in analyzing the trends of the year and considering which ones had the biggest impact on how I use my iPhone and iPad. Two years ago, it was web services and open APIs; last year, I focused on collaboration with the MacStories team and making my workflow consistent across devices; this year, there isn’t a single overarching theme behind this list, but rather a collection of trends and changes that I’ve observed over the course of 2018.”
  5. For the First Time in More Than 20 Years, Copyrighted Works Will Enter the Public Domain | “A beloved Robert Frost poem is among the many creations that are (finally) losing their protections in 2019.”
  6. Burnout, stress lead more companies to try a four-day work week | “Work four days a week, but get paid for five? It sounds too good to be true, but companies around the world that have cut their work week have found that it leads to higher productivity, more motivated staff and less burnout.”
  7. 35 years ago, Isaac Asimov was asked by the Star to predict the world of 2019. Here is what he wrote | “lf we look into the world as it may be at the end of another generation, let’s say 2019 — that’s 35 years from now, the same number of years since 1949 when George Orwell’s 1984 was first published — three considerations must dominate our thoughts.”
  8. Our 50 Most Popular New Recipes of 2018 | “The recipes our readers loved most this year.”
  9. The Kernel of Human (or Rodent) Kindness | “What we can learn from lab rats that don’t show empathy for other rats.”
  10. How a St. Louis Church Became a Skate Park | “Welcome to heaven on earth for skaters.”

Image: charts by FiveThirtyEight, link #2.