The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #263

  1. Never Change Your Password | “I’m going to set off all your smoke alarms when I make this fiery statement: Never change your password. Before you call the fire department, consider these three crucial provisos. Never change your password if…” (Related: password vulnerability)
  2. When confusion = clarity | “There’s a design that’s been making the blog rounds the last couple weeks. Its origin is nearly 20 years old but it’s never been more relevant. At first glance the poster appears ridiculously simple, nearly “undesigned”… then after a second or two it becomes bewilderingly complex. It’s confusing, and that’s what makes it such a successful design.”
  3. Everything You See Is From 15 Seconds in the Past, New Research Claims | “‘Instead of analysing every single visual snapshot, we perceive in a given moment an average of what we saw in the past 15 seconds,’ the authors note in a piece published in The Conversation…”
  4. How the Brain Processes the Optical Illusion of Reading | “In the PBS series, It’s Okay to Be Smart, host Dr. Joe Hanson spoke with Dr. Erica Brozovsky of the series Otherwords to explain how the human brain processes the optical illusion that is reading.”
  5. How a Book Is Made | “Have you ever wondered how a book becomes a book? Join us as we follow Marlon James’s “Moon Witch, Spider King” through the printing process.”
  6. In 2020, Google Banned Meetings for a Week. It Unexpectedly Reinvented Remote Work | “t’s not about working from home. It’s about being more strategic on meetings.”
  7. Defining problems vs. delivering strategy | “How can leaders use business issues as strategic building blocks to move their organizations forward? Here are three pivots to help move a business from defining problems to strategic management.”
  8. Did a tough environment shape the evolution of human creativity? | “Between the time when early modern humans emerged in Africa and when they spread around the globe, they developed complex behaviors that enabled them—and us—to adapt and thrive in new environments.”
  9. We’re loving these fun Nintendo infographics | “Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 30 years, you’ve probably heard about Nintendo and its many brilliant gaming consoles. And what better way to celebrate the colourful games than with some brilliant infographics jam-packed with Nintendo fun facts and fan theories?”
  10. Outlandish ‘90s web design: love it or hate it? | “Ah, the ’90s. The decade saw the rise of Friends, MTV and of course, the internet. It was early days for the world wide web, so it’s safe to say that some of the websites were a little, err, amateur. And while the sites may not have been an aesthetic dream, they’re nostalgic to look back on today.”

Image: Chart by Hive Systems, link #1