The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #204

  1. Get comfortable with remote meetings | “Because of COVID-19, the whole world is discovering the joys (and frustrations) of online meetings.”
  2. All of Wirecutter’s Coronavirus Coverage | “The coronavirus pandemic has overtaken nearly every aspect of life in America: work, school, shopping, social gatherings, and so much more. Here at Wirecutter, we’ve mobilized our team of 100 expert journalists to support concerned readers in the ways we know best: researching, reporting on, and answering your questions about how to prepare, what to buy, and how to cope. We’ll update this post regularly with links to our advice and recommendations as the rapidly changing situation progresses.”
  3. Is It OK to Take a Walk? | “Yes, experts say. Equal parts transit alternative and therapy, contemplative strolls are helping people’s mental and physical health. Just stay six feet apart.”
  4. 11 charts that explain the coronavirus pandemic | “What symptoms are most common, which groups are most at risk, and more.”
  5. Suddenly working at home? We’ve done it for 22 years—and have advice | “Your productivity, your health, and your sanity: We have your home office covered.”
  6. 4 ways to manage remote workers when you don’t know how long they’ll be working from home | “Christine Trodella of Workplace from Facebook notes that while we can’t predict what will happen with the world in a few months, weeks, or days, remote workers aren’t going anywhere, and companies need to adapt to remain competitive.”
  7. A working from home manual in disguise | “…it occurred to me that my book, Keep Going, because it is partly about overcoming the endlessness and occasional monotony of creative work, doubles as a manual overcoming some of the obstacles of working from home. Here are 10 tips taken straight from the book, along with excerpts and quotes…”
  8. Why Soap Works | “At the molecular level, soap breaks things apart. At the level of society, it helps hold everything together.”
  9. All The (Pretty Relevant) Twilight Zone Episodes To Watch During Coronavirus | “For those who haven’t seen Rod Serling’s original anthology series, the show asks its audience: ‘What if?'”
  10. COVID-19 projects looking for volunteers | “These projects were posted by the community. Volunteer yourself or create a new one.”

Image: charts via Vox, link #4.