The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #175

  1. So, Gutenberg Didn’t Actually Invent the Printing Press | “On the unsung Chinese and Korean history of movable type.”
  2. The story behind our name | “The thing I most enjoy about our company name is what happens when it’s said out loud during client introductions, especially to a new audience who hasn’t heard of us before.”
  3. Cartoonist Lynda Barry Teaches You How to Draw | “Friend, are you paralyzed by your ironclad conviction that you can’t draw? Professor Chewbacca aka Professor Old Skull aka cartoonist Lynda Barry has had quite enough of that nonsense! So stop dissembling, grab a pen and a hand-sized piece of paper, and follow her instructions to Anne Strainchamps, host of NPR’s To The Best Of Our Knowledge, below.”
  4. New Data Visualization Exhibit on Display in John M. Olin Library | “Scholars have become increasingly fascinated by data visualization, although various techniques have been used for centuries to illustrate complex ideas in simple ways. “Charting History: Data Visualization Through the Years” presents a history of data visualization, with examples from Washington University Libraries’ collections that illustrate the importance of data visualization as it relates to research and disseminating information.”
  5. Urbano Monte’s Massive Map of the Earth | “In 1587, Urbano Monte made the largest known early map of Earth. The map consists of 60 panels that were meant to be assembled into a planisphere (a circular map that rotates about a central axis) measuring 10 feet across.”
  6. Michael Bierut on conference speakers | “A week ago, I asked for suggestions for interesting speakers who might be good replacements for me, an old white guy, at your next design conference. I got some great suggestions. Here they are.”
  7. Frank Chimero on causing ‘good trouble’ and re-imagining the status quo to combat achievement culture | “Frank Chimero has long been on our interview wish list. The Brooklyn-based designer, illustrator and author of The Shape of Design has had quite the whirlwind career so far.”
  8. It’s Okay to Be Good and Not Great | “What if striving to be great is what’s holding you back.”
  9. The Stress of Making the Right Choice | “Being satisfied with your choices in life depends on your decision-making style.”
  10. No one cares about 99% of the photos you take. Not even you. | “The average picture you take will fade into forever, and it’s high time we got real about this. We live in an age of digital abundance, one that has devalued photos more than anything. The Snapchat-and-Stories generation treats them as expendable and ephemeral, but Gen Xers are no better — we just fool ourselves into thinking we’re preserving history in these dusty, pricy digital archives. But what exactly are we preserving, and for whom?”

Image: map by Urbano Monte, via link #5.