The Tremendous 10, #9

  1. The power of illustration: “11 drawings that altered history.”
  2. Amazing Photo Shows the Moment the Guns Fell Silent on Armistice Day: “By 1918, the British were using microphones to help pinpoint German guns. Signals were recorded on film. This image of what the microphones registered in the minutes either side of the armistice was recently discovered in the archives of the Imperial War Museum.”
  3. That Catcalling Video and Why “Research Methods” is such an Exciting Topic (Really!): “Hollaback and why everyone needs better research methods.”
  4. Cooking 101: “An Infographic is worth a thousand recipes.”
  5. Behomm: “Behomm is the first home exchange community only for designers and visual artists.”
  6. Landing on a comet: “A graphical guide identifies the dangers ahead for the Philae probe.”
  7. Information Graphics: Space: “A children’s book about space featuring information graphics illustrated by the completely awesome Jennifer Daniel!?”
  8. Lettering is Not Type: “Clear definitions for commonly abused terms.”
  9. Three rules for a happy designer. Via Chris Glass.
  10. And finally… Six stretches for people who sit at desks. Via swissmiss.

Image credit: from link #1, as seen at CNN.