Is it a playful perpetual calendar…

…or a practical package of postcards?


You get to decide! Well, you get to decide only if you were lucky enough to receive the care package we recently sent to some of our favorite publications. In addition to being both a calendar and a postcard set, it’s a fun peek at the quality and scope of the information design work we do here.

Here is Tremendousness, and we’re a small creative agency that makes complex things understandable and engaging. We have offices in St. Louis and Washington, D.C.

So, anyway… if you got a set—yay!—that means we’re big fans of your design and storytelling work and would love to collaborate with you to create amazing new (visual) things for your publication.

Below, we linked case studies for many of the projects featured on the postcards. Have a look if you’d like to learn more!


Day 1

  • CLIENT: Tremendousness
  • DELIVERABLE: Poster and infographics
  • PROJECT: We celebrated the 50th Anniversary of St. Louis’ Gateway Arch with a 24” x 36” poster absolutely filled with fascinating facts about the history, design, and construction of America’s tallest man-made monument.
  • CASE STUDY: The Gateway Arch: 50 YEARS / 50 FACTS


Day 2

  • CLIENT: Tremendousness
  • DELIVERABLE: Animated video and infographic
  • PROJECT: Collaborating with Gary Taubes, we researched, wrote, and designed this explanatory video and infographic to help people understand what over-consumption of added sugars does to our health.
  • CASE STUDY: The sugary truth


Day 3

  • CLIENT: brightspot
  • DELIVERABLE: Infographic poster
  • PROJECT: We designed a map visualizing the “Museum of the Future,” illustrating key trends reshaping the museum industry and highlighting the benefits of partnering with the organizational strategy firm brightspot.
  • CASE STUDY: Planning the museum of the future


Day 4

  • CLIENT: InterContinental Hotels Group
  • DELIVERABLE: Animated video
  • PROJECT: IHG is a global hospitality leader with nearly 5,000 hotels in 100 countries. We crafted an internal video to explain the value of the company’s new owner-centric operating model and leadership training.


Day 5

  • CLIENT: Parents as Teachers
  • DELIVERABLE: Animated video
    PROJECT: This engaging animation explains the neuroscience of early childhood development—in plain English. One version is used internally as foundational training and another is shown to parents themselves.
  • CASE STUDY: The child’s brain and its amazing potential


Day 6

  • CLIENT: The School of Life
  • DELIVERABLE: Animated video
  • PROJECT: Alain de Botton is an author and philosopher with a keen interest in work and relationships. He asked us to bring his essay, “How to Find Meaningful Work,” to life in an animated short.
  • CASE STUDY: How to find meaningful work


Day 7

  • CLIENT: Meredith Corporation /
  • DELIVERABLE: Animated video
  • PROJECT: This short video, a collaboration with Meredith Corporation and, tackles the very specific (and seemingly impossible) challenge of helping parents get toddlers out of stores without buying them a toy.
  • CASE STUDY: Do not talk about tantrums


Day 8

  • CLIENT: Arivale
  • DELIVERABLE: Animated video and web experience
    PROJECT: Arivale designs personalized wellness plans based on biology, genetics, and lifestyle. By illustrating key steps in the customer journey, we helped potential customers understand Arivale’s uniquely advanced offering.
  • CASE STUDY: The Arivale approach to scientific wellness


Day 9

  • CLIENT: Adobe
  • DELIVERABLE: Report, infographic, and shareable images
  • PROJECT: Adobe conducted a huge study on consumer privacy and we translated the data into engaging and easy-to-understand visuals. These were integrated into a report, as well as print and interactive infographics.


Day 10

  • CLIENT: American Advertising Federation
  • DELIVERABLE: Event branding & workshop
  • PROJECT: To engage and attract industry professionals to Admerica—the American Advertising Federation’s annual event—we envisioned the future of advertising as a fun, smart robot. Our 2016 campaign visuals helped attract close to 1,000 attendees.


Day 11

  • DELIVERABLE: Animated video
  • PROJECT: When the TED organization saw our “Sugary Truth” video, they asked us to help with their own project. “Hiding in Plain Sight” educates people on the dangers of added sugars (and its dozens of tricky pseudonyms).
  • CASE STUDY: Sugar: Hiding in plain sight


Day 12

  • CLIENT: Avalere Health
  • DELIVERABLE: Brochures and presentations
  • PROJECT: In 2015, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that some Medicare payments would shift from volume to value, rewarding providers for improving outcomes. We explained the challenges and solutions.


Day 13

  • DELIVERABLE: Presentation
  • PROJECT: Retirement isn’t all bingo and beers—many new retirees face unexpected challenges. AARP asked us to show how to overcome those difficulties, and our engagingly visual deck reimagined what a PowerPoint can look like.


Day 14

  • DELIVERABLE: Animated video
  • PROJECT: Was math discovered or invented? That’s something not many of us have considered, but the folks at TED asked us to take a look at the esoteric origins of math—and make it both enlightening and fun. So we did.
  • CASE STUDY: Is mathematics discovered or invented?


Day 15

  • DELIVERABLE: Animations and promotional collateral
  • PROJECT: For many families, life’s a little too sweet. UCSF’s Center for Vulnerable Populations asked us to create a YouTube video—aimed specifically at a Hispanic audience—calling out the overload of sugar in our daily lives.
  • CASE STUDY: Share the love / A compartir al amor


Day 16

  • CLIENT: Salesforce
  • DELIVERABLE: Animated video and infographic
  • PROJECT: We worked with Salesforce and Change Agents Worldwide to tell a story about the value of workplace collaboration—including how Salesforce enables teams to “work out loud” using its Chatter social software.


Day 17

  • CLIENT: Deloitte
  • DELIVERABLE: Animated video and wall mural
  • PROJECT: Jogging bears, cat yogis, doggy saxophonists? Yes! Throw these guys into some large-scale infographics and super-fun animated videos, and you’ve got an amazing way to promote an employee wellness campaign.


Day 18

  • CLIENT: Working Mother magazine
  • DELIVERABLE: Editorial infographic
  • PROJECT: How can companies recruit, hire, and retain a diverse workforce? Working Mother magazine asked us to interpret the ongoing process in a fun way—so we built a Rube Goldberg Machine called “Pipelines & Promise.”
  • CASE STUDY: Pipelines & promise


Day 19

  • CLIENT: Forest Park Forever
  • DELIVERABLE: Poster and animations
  • PROJECT: This visual illustrates the activities and attributes that make St. Louis, Missouri’s Forest Park such a treasure. We also brought it to life in a series of animations used to encourage visits and financial contributions.
  • CASE STUDY: Forest Park Forever: Join us today!


Day 20

  • CLIENT: InterContinental Hotels Group
  • DELIVERABLE: Tri-fold brochure
  • PROJECT: InterContinental Hotels Group needed to communicate the urgent need for its hotel owners to initiate and follow through on a potentially painful—but necessary and valuable—hardware and software upgrade.


Day 21

  • CLIENT: Deloitte
  • DELIVERABLE: Animated videos
  • PROJECT: We designed, illustrated, and animated a fun and informative series of training videos that explain Deloitte’s philosophy, approach, and best practices around performance management.
  • CASE STUDY: None (content confidential)


Day 22


Day 23

  • CLIENT: Eating Well magazine
  • DELIVERABLE: Feature illustrations
  • PROJECT: We illustrated an organic system of illustrations and charts to help readers understand how probiotics and bacteria in the gut affect health, and how to maximize this benefit through diet.


Day 24

  • CLIENT: Adobe
  • DELIVERABLE: Blog infographic
  • PROJECT: We designed this infographic to attract and recruit researchers to Adobe—a place to go when you want your ingenuity and creativity to have a real-world impact on the way people live, work, and play with technology.
  • CASE STUDY: Adobe: Where research gets real


Day 25

  • CLIENT: American Advertising Federation
  • DELIVERABLE: Event branding
  • PROJECT: To promote Admerica 2015 we designed a journey depicting the various phases and outputs of the creative process, as related to the advertising business. All roads led to Las Vegas, where the event was held!
  • CASE STUDY: Admerica 2015


Day 26

  • CLIENT: Tremendousness
  • DELIVERABLE: Blog infographic
  • PROJECT: We (well, some of us) love kombucha, so we made an infographic about it. We wanted to give readers an understanding of what the probiotic drink is, its history, its potential health benefits, and, of course, how to make it.
  • CASE STUDY: What the heck is kombucha?


Day 27

  • CLIENT: Tremendousness
  • DELIVERABLE: Infographic poster
  • PROJECT: What are the elements of a powerful presentation? As visual communicators this is something we’ve thought about quite a bit, so we created a poster that outlines the critical components of presentation-based storytelling.
  • BLOG POST: The elements of a powerful presentation


Day 28

  • CLIENT: Eating Well magazine
  • DELIVERABLE: Feature article infographics
  • PROJECT: We visualized the complexities involved in GMOs and broke them down into easily digestible bites using clear, compelling, easy-to-understand charts and illustrations.
  • CASE STUDY: GMOs: Good seed, bad seed


Day 29

  • CLIENT: Data Quality Campaign
  • DELIVERABLE: Animation and infographic
  • PROJECT: Working with DQC, the nation’s leading voice on education data policy and use, we designed a series of visuals that help educators, parents, and policymakers understand and talk about student data.
  • CASE STUDY: How do data help teachers?


Day 30


Day 31

  • DELIVERABLE: Animated video
  • PROJECT: What does your thyroid do? And how does it work? As part of a series for TED-Ed we helped explain the mysterious yet important gland, as well as the pancreas and kidneys.
  • CASE STUDY: How does the thyroid manage your metabolism?

And this is just a fraction of the work our core group of partners has done over the last 20 years.

If you’re interested in hearing or seeing more, call W. Scott Matthews at 314-651-5227 or send a note to