The editors of Working Mother magazine had a title—Pipelines and Promise—and a two-page spread to fill. They needed Tremendousness to design and illustrate an infographic showing the multistep process that companies use to recruit, hire, retain, prepare, and promote multicultural women. It had to be both fun and professional—and far beyond ordinary.


The magazine’s creative director envisioned a Rube Goldberg-like machine. To sidestep any scenarios that might portray employees as cogs, we took the concept a step further—creating an entire intricate world for our main character.

Readers follow her journey as she swings in, drops down, moves through, and actively participates in each element of a company’s effort to maintain a diverse workforce.


The rich story of her travels demanded an engaging narrative flow, so we juggled text and images in several ways. Large numbered banners guide readers through the purposely complex color-coded path. Statistics and short bursts of copy along the way articulate the main steps, draw attention to best practices, and emphasize the importance of diversity.

In the end, we took a complex and important HR challenge and transformed it into a lively, colorful quest for success.

How we helped

  • Concept development
  • Information design
  • Illustration
  • Publication design
Working Mother

I’m EXTREMELY happy with the final piece, and so was everyone else, including the editor, the executive editor, the editorial director, and the president of Working Mother Media! It was a resounding success, absolutely lovely and dynamic and hilarious at parts. I could not imagine it having been done any better.

Eric Siry, Creative Director
Working Mother