The Rush Education and Career Hub (REACH) at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago is focused on supporting and increasing healthcare and STEM education to underrepresented youth. The team at REACH needed a streamlined, interactive web experience aimed at engaging more students in innovative, hands-on learning and helping them achieve their academic and professional potential.


Tremendousness partnered with REACH to create the Career Pathways microsite, a new tool that guides families, students, and educators through five different career pathways.


The ADA-friendly site provides over 125 critical program resources, and defines “What are the right questions to ask?” at three different education stages. The microsite also includes additional information resources—an infographic based on the site and a socially-distant activities sheet.

How we helped

  • Interactive discovery session
  • Concept development
  • Icon design
  • Illustration
  • User Experience design
  • User Interface design
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • ADA-friendly

Features and benefits

So your child wants to know more about careers in healthcare, but where do you start?

The microsite helps students and their families explore five healthcare-related career pathways organized around student interests. Students make the choice that’s right for them (like, “I’m curious and like to listen”), while illustrations bring diverse interests to life.

Interested in more than one thing? The site’s Compare Career Pathways tool allows students to compare healthcare field descriptions, job titles, and salaries side-by-side before clicking to learn more. For a deep dive into specific career fields, students can navigate to one of five healthcare pathways at any point. Job types, salaries, and types of activities by education stage are revealed as users scroll and explore, providing a complete picture of each career pathway and the best questions to ask when.

Over 125 direct links to classes and programs are organized by education stage within each career pathway. Brought to life through character illustration, students can easily access specific programs to turn their healthcare career dreams into reality.


The REACH Career Pathways site fills the gap for students and their families looking to learn more about healthcare-related careers. Supplied with the site’s robust information, and supported by RUSH University Medical Center at the foundation, students and families can easily turn knowledge into action and take specific, practical steps to build a successful career in healthcare.

Rush Education and Career Hub

The Tremendousness team made our Career Pathways story come to life. They created a very usable, memorable tool for students and their families looking for career guidance.

Rukiya Curvey Johnson, Executive Director
Rush Education and Career Hub