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Introducing new features to consumers

Client: Marriott International, Inc.

Our short social media videos help to introduce new Marriott Rewards features.

Marriott International, Inc. is a leading hospitality company with more than 3,900 properties and 18 brands around the world. Marriott Rewards, the company’s innovative, industry-leading loyalty program, was ready to introduce new, mobile-enabled features targeting Millennials and other mobile-centric members.

In preparation for the launch, Marriott decided to create a campaign to explain the value prop and features and to guide members in using the program on their mobile devices. Marriott asked Tremendousness to develop this important set of messages to be delivered via social media.

Over a series of half a dozen energetic videos, we explained the new Marriott Rewards Dashboard; the differences between LocalPerks, FlashPerks, and PlusPoints; and how points, badges, maps, and status trackers work. The video series combined evocative imagery with app simulations to explain not just how everything works, but to show how the program benefits traveling members.

“Team Tremendousness—thanks! Everything was very well received, so all good! Your team did an amazing job on a very unrealistic timeline. Thank you!!”
Sheila Holman, VP Global Brand & Portfolio Marketing, Marriott International

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