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Branding and supporting a scalable sales solution

Client: Digital Guardian (formerly Verdasys)

We designed a consistent visual language to support a large sales team.

Clients often come to us with a specific need. They want to strengthen their brand and sales conversations with a visual tool, be it an infographic, a video, or a presentation. However, given the nature of sales, most of these clients are trying to capitalize on a series of touchpoints they have with their audiences. They need a consistent narrative that communicates and can scale across multiple mediums, channels, formats, and devices.

Digital Guardian uses a data-centric approach to securing sensitive information at the world’s most innovative, influential companies. Under the leadership of a new CMO, Verdasys rebranded as Digital Guardian—the name of its flagship product. Digital Guardian already enjoyed much better brand recognition than its parent company and the CMO wanted to leverage the strength of the Digital Guardian brand as the company expanded its solutions portfolio in the app and cybersecurity space.

The company turned to us to help bring the new Digital Guardian brand to life, create better sales materials, and refresh existing content. Rather than create of collection of one-off tools, we developed a new brand identity and a cohesive visual language that allowed Digital Guardian to communicate consistently across its portfolio of enterprise cybersecurity solutions, products, and services.

“Ashley, our thanks to you, Bill, and the team for your support on this important piece. The Definitive Guide to DLP will be a seminal piece for us and we have high hopes for a very positive impact on our demand generation efforts. Putting the extra time and energy into the design was definitely worth it—it’s a great looking and hardworking demand generation asset for us.”
Constance Stack, CMO, Digital Guardian

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