Museums are an important part of our culture and a prominent fixture in our cities. They offer people a sense of history, a source of inspiration, and a place for learning and respite. But people have competing priorities and increasing options for how they spend their time. So how must museums evolve to stay relevant in today’s world?

brightspot strategy partners with cultural institutions across the country to help answer this question, and has identified several recurring themes to consider when planning for the museum of the future.


Armed with deep industry knowledge and fresh insights, brightspot came to Tremendousness to help bring their findings to life.

Our goal was to create a simplified world that combined the beauty of an art museum with energy and optimism, so that people could see how these institutions might transform from a staid destination to an integral partner in the community, with culture and educational experiences that appeal to a diverse audience.


This eye-catching map isn’t intended to have all the answers, but rather open up a broader conversation for “What could be?” It’s been used in a mix of cultural and educational institutions over the last several years.

How we helped

  • Interactive discovery session
  • Information design
  • Concept development
  • Illustration
brightspot strategy

I’ve been using the museum infographic for talks and presentations about the future of museums. And I recently incorporated it into a class I taught at Cornell.

Amanda Kross, Director
brightspot strategy