Arlington Public Schools (APS) is a public school county in Arlington County, Virginia, serving students grades Pre-K through 12. APS is a diverse and inclusive community, with students representing more than 100 nations and speaking more than 100 languages, spread amongst more than 30 schools. As one of the highest ranked school districts in the country, APS has experienced 25% growth in student enrollment in the past decade; a trend expected to continue well into the future.

This fast and continued growth requires rigorous planning and development by APS leadership to ensure all students continue to be provided with the best possible learning experience. Given the complexity of development initiatives underway, APS identified the need for a clear roadmap that would clarify work streams, provide transparency into departmental activities, and drive better understanding and collaboration between community members and school stakeholders.


This is where we came in. We worked with the APS leadership team and the school board to refine an already existing 3-5 Year Action Plan, align around the best way to articulate their vision, and highlight how key initiatives mapped back to their broader strategic plan. We created a carefully categorized swim-lane style one-pager that presented strategic goal plans, key initiatives, and a timeline that  effectively presents APS’s goals.


Through this core visual and subsequent brochure, the leadership team at APS now can inform parents, students, and staff on their key initiatives—and build community confidence in their planning efforts. Every small change is part of a bigger picture, ultimately benefitting the students and their learning experience.

How we helped

  • Interactive discovery session
  • Concept development
  • Information design
  • Illustration
  • Publication design

The infographic and the images are great! I expect we’ll use the infographic throughout the school year; it should help provide context to for our community engagement projects. We really appreciate the process and the final products.

Arlington Public Schools