By advocating for positive social change and delivering value to members through information, guidance, and service, AARP is the country’s leading non-profit for the 50+ demographic. Through various initiatives, AARP aims to make the quality of life for this demographic better by promoting wellness practices, providing resources to pursue goals and ambitions,  encouraging travel, and other methods that help to strengthen the 50+ community.

Every few years, AARP publishes a Longevity Economy report highlighting the sum of all economic activity driven by the needs of Americans aged 50 or older. As of 2015 there are 1.6 billion people in the world who are a part of the 50+ cohort, this number is expected to double by 2050, to approximately 3.2 billion people.

The rapid growth of this demographic has a transformative impact on the economy and AARP wanted to, through this report, AARP was able to outline, in detail, the many characteristics that contribute to the longevity economy. The report focuses on nine “areas of opportunity” such as medication management, new care delivery, safe living, and many more, which AARP forecasts as best opportunities for breakthrough technologies, innovative products, and disruptive service in the healthy living market.


With so much complex and elaborate information, AARP approached us to help them create a “snapshot” version that quickly and clearly summarized the research to their member base—without overwhelming them. Whenever we collaborate with AARP, we’re able to clearly illustrate the significance of the key concepts to people who are impacted by them the most. We created three variations for different uses: a long-format blog infographic, the same infographic broken into easily printable pages, and a simple explainer video.


Our Longevity Economy Outlook report summary highlights the data analyses from AARP that describe the contributions of Americans age 50-plus, worth over $9 trillion in 2018 and projected to grow through 2050.

Among many other visual storytelling collaborations, AARP added the project to the research area on its site. We developed a simple animated video to make sure it was easy to share more broadly.

How we helped

  • Concept development
  • Information design
  • Data visualization
  • Illustration
  • Animation