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Client: AARP

AARP's "Health Innovation Frontiers" reports help clarify the future of the caregiving space.

AARP and Park Research compiled a goldmine of data about the untapped $30 billion health and wellness market for the 50+ population. But busy entrepreneurs and investors don’t have time for 200-page reports. So Tremendousness clarified opportunities with a highly visual presentation of key insights.

Our information design specialists focused on promoting interest and investment across nine core opportunity areas. Vibrant colors, attractive iconography, and informative graphics highlight important points in each area for quick read and give context to the research. Meanwhile, interested investors can still find plenty of details and reasons to create a “50+ strategy.”

Audiences raved to AARP about the impact and clarity of the Health Innovation Frontiers prospectus. This prospectus and corresponding PowerPoint have provided entrepreneurs and investors with a veritable field guide to prosperous opportunities.

Internally, these pieces have helped AARP reposition itself among venture capital and entrepreneur communities as a key player in the innovation ecosystem. Equipped with a report deemed so valuable, AARP is better able to realize its vision of sparking health technology breakthroughs for its members.


Would your audience better understand your data if it were designed to be understood rather than overlooked?

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