The healthy living market for the 50+ population is worth tens of billions and holds significant investment opportunities for breakthrough technologies, innovative products, and disruptive services. But busy entrepreneurs and investors don’t have time for dense, 200-page reports.


Tremendousness transformed the opportunities and innovations hidden within the data into a visual package of key insights. Vibrant colors, meaningful illustrations and iconography, and informative charts highlight key in each of nine key areas. But the real power is in the overall organization of information. It’s the perfect package for people to take in a lot of information—quickly.


Audiences raved about the report’s coherency and impact. In fact, it was so successful that we collaborated with AARP on an entire series of ‘Innovation Frontiers’ reports. These engaging, shareable tools helped the organization reposition itself among venture capital and entrepreneur communities as a key player in the innovation ecosystem.

How we helped

  • Concept development
  • Illustration
  • Icon design
  • Data visualization
  • Publication design