Your pandemic time capsule

This pandemic has had a profound effect on daily life across the globe. We are all coping as best we can, and each person’s situation is unique. I know that for many it’s brought waves of fear, confusion, heartache, and difficulties—both financial and emotional.

time-capsule-pageUpdate: this project has been archived.

There are countless memes poking fun, people and websites serving as resources for optimism and self-care, and news outlets for daily Covid-19 updates and health information. It is pervasive in a way no living generation could have imagined, and this period will be studied for generations to come.

We think it’s important to preserve our memories of this moment in time. For posterity, of course, but also to allow us to step back from what can seem like our overwhelming present and provide an outline of our daily lives through this strange experience.

How will we look back at this? How can we curate the story we help ourselves remember?

To help, we’re sharing a simple, diary-like time capsule template you can fill up (or fill out, that is). It’s got eight pages of activities. But even if you don’t use ours we hope you create/collect/preserve your own artifact to serve as a link for future generations—or at the very least, your future self.

Whether you are (or were) self-quarantining alone or with kids, other family members or friends, we think these pages can help document and process the experience—just print a new copy whenever you need.

Stay safe, and comment or shoot us an email to let us know what you think.


Illustrations & design by Chris Roettger / Tremendousness.