Visualizing the benefits of clean air, clean energy, and low carbon emissions for The Nature Conservancy

Live sketching is a great way to make ideas visible and tangible. Whether convening in person or virtually, visual thinking and live sketching are invaluable tools for helping groups explore and express ideas and to align around a strategy.

At Tremendousness, we employ visual thinking and live sketching for a variety of purposes such as discovering and capturing content, documenting important and captivating conversations, and bringing dynamic energy and greater engagement to virtual meetings

Recently, we partnered with Bain & Company to facilitate a virtual strategy session for The Nature Conservancy and other key stakeholders. It was focused on the Arizona Thrives initiative, a coordinated effort by businesses, governments, and other organizations to develop a path forward in achieving a healthy economy as all involved transition to clean air, clean energy, and low carbon emissions.

The virtual workshop brought together a group of leaders from these different sectors across Arizona. They were asked to answer two questions: What happens if we don’t change? And what happens if we do change?


While the questions are simple, the answers are complex. And that’s where Tremendousness’ ability to visualize the conversation added value by creating clarity and mitigating uncertainty. 

Over the course of a four-hour virtual session, the Arizonan participants tackled these questions with enthusiasm and honesty. Collaborating through Miro and Zoom, we went from the post-up ideation seen at the top of this blog post to the images seen here.



Working with our artists, breakout groups created the first draft visual stories shown above, then the entire group came back together to refine everything into one visual—resulting in the creation of the image below (click to enlarge).



With a clearer sense of what’s at stake, the team from Arizona Thrives now can move forward with confidence as they work to communicate and achieve their vision of ensuring thriving communities, a healthy environment and robust economy for the benefit of all Arizonans.

What could visual thinking do to make the risks and rewards of your important initiatives more clear and compelling?

Images: visuals by Tremendousness.