Using the power of visual storytelling to explain the power of machine data

We’re very proud of our recent collaboration with MachineMetrics on the company’s newly released explainer video. Getting to know the product and helping to tell the story of their IoT platform—all while working remotely—was a fantastic challenge.

What’s hard to believe is that while manufacturing produces more data than any other major industry in the world, as a whole it hasn’t yet adopted a digital mindset to understand everything that’s going on inside the machines.

But the fact is, the data of the past, present, and future can become a manufacturer’s competitive advantage. MachineMetrics provides an intuitive, flexible monitoring platform that easily collects data from any piece of manufacturing equipment—and transforms it into understandable, actionable insights. Whether across global factories or in just one shop, these connections help decrease operating costs and increase overall machine effectiveness by an average of 20%, maximizing profits.

Here’s a look at the video, an engaging mix of live action with 2- and 3-D animation. Just scroll down the page a little and look for the sweet isometric CNC machines. 


MachineMetrics Explainer Video Download Page