Tremendousness ❤ STL (The Tremendous 10 link roundup #50)

While Tremendousness is a St. Louis-based company with an office in Washington, D.C., almost all of our clients are spread out across the United States, and many are international.

But we love STL. We love The Gateway Arch. In fact, we’ve been working on an Arch anniversary project of our own this year, it’s had me thinking even more about St. Louis. Sure, there are bigger cities that are better located with more this and more that and better whatever. But we love STL.

We love the wonderful brick architecture everywhere. The city’s affordability. Its medium size, central location, and urban midwestern-ness. We love the World Champion Cardinals baseball team and the wonderful Mike Shannon (above, in a print by Dan Zettwoch.). Forest Park. We love The City Museum. The Saint Louis Zoo and the St. Louis Art Museum (both free!). We love the muddy Mississippi. And, of course, the World Chess Hall of Fame and the World’s Largest Chess Piece, literally just a few feet from our new office, which we also love.

And while these big things are big pluses, it’s the smaller companies and smart individuals that really make St. Louis great. So for this week’s Tremendous 10 link roundup—our 50th—here are 10 of our local favorites:

  1. Greetabl. Our friend and former colleague Zoë started this to “send awesome gifts for you with a handwritten message.”
  2. Pixel Press. Ashley’s husband Robin runs this company that lets kids design their own video games. By hand.
  3. Pocketbooth. Our buddy Tim designed this app to emulate the experience of a 1950s-era Model 11 Photobooth,
  4. Snake Bite. Helping you open beers in style since 2014.
  5. The Royale. A neighborhood public house in the classic sense, impeccably run by a tavern keeper with classic sensibilities.
  6. Juniper. Excellent Southern food and cocktails. Tremendousness does our holiday dinners here.
  7. South Jefferson MCM. Vintage furnishings at vintage prices.
  8. Zettwoch Industries. Amazing comics, prints, and model rockets by Dan Zettwoch.
  9. KDHX. The only station I listen to in the car besides NPR.
  10. Artifox. Yes, yet another former colleague starting his own thing. Want a beautiful desk? These guys.

And that’s just the first 10 that came to mind—we could go on and on. Here are some other great things about STL:

Anyway, thank you to all the St. Louisans out there doing great things. Here’s to you and the next 50 Tremendous 10 link roundups.