The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #98

  1. The Benefits of a Lunch Hour Walk | “To combat afternoon slumps in enthusiasm and focus, take a walk during the lunch hour. A new study finds that even gentle lunchtime strolls can perceptibly — and immediately — buoy people’s moods and ability to handle stress at work.”
  2. John Scalzi’s 10-point plan for getting creative work done in the age of Trump | “It’s not a great secret that Donald Trump and his incoming administration are not hugely beloved by America’s creative class — the difficulty Trump is having in finding performers for his inauguration is only the most obvious manifestation of this. What’s probably less known is that Trump election put a number of creative people into mental tailspin.”
  3. A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media | “Congratulations, US media! You’ve just covered your first press conference of an authoritarian leader with a massive ego and a deep disdain for your trade and everything you hold dear. We in Russia have been doing it for 12 years now …”
  4. Trump berated a CNN reporter, and fellow journalists missed an opportunity | “It was a striking moment not only for the direct confrontation between the two men, but also for the fact that it seemed to have no effect on other journalists in the room. No one immediately leapt to Acosta’s defense.”
  5. The First Thing I Ever Designed: Zeloot’s New Yorker Illustrations Were a Lesson in Stereotyping | “We caught up with Zeloot to hear the story of how she first stumbled into the world of editorial illustration, and learned her first lesson about the power and impact that a single drawing can make.”
  6. Design Plagiarism Is A Serious Problem—This Startup’s AI Could Help | “It’s an omnipresent fear for companies and designers alike. Deep learning might hold the solution.”
  7. For the First Time, Lady Liberty Depicted as a Woman of Color on U.S. Currency | “In celebration of the U.S. Mint and Treasury’s 225th anniversary, the new $100 coin was unveiled on Thursday featuring Lady Liberty as a black woman. Since the passage of the Coinage Act in 1792, all coins are required to feature an “impression emblematic of liberty,” in either words or images. Until the new coin designed by Justin Kunz was unveiled, Lady Liberty had always been depicted as a white woman.”
  8. The Best and Worst Identities of 2016 | “This first installment — of six total coming this week and next — looks at the most notable projects in terms of notoriety and media attention received. These are neither the best nor the worst, although a few make repeat appearances in other lists, but simply the most visible. Listed very much in order.”
  9. The People Who Won’t Let George Lucas Build A Narrative Art Museum Are Idiots | “Back in 2013, we reported on George Lucas’ incredible idea to build a museum, America’s first actually, that would be entirely dedicated to illustration, comics, film, and animation, from Herriman and Rockwell to Crumb and the Fleischers.”
  10. A Month Without Sugar | “Choose a month this year — a full 30 days, starting now or later — and commit to eating no added sweeteners. Go cold turkey, for one month. I have done so in each of the last two years, and it has led to permanent changes in my eating habits. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. It reset my sugar-addled taste buds and opened my eyes to the many products that needlessly contain sugar.” Related:  The Sugary Truth & Hiding in Plain Sight.

Image: courtesy U.S. Mint and Treasury, link #7.