The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #93

  1. What Designers Should Do Now | “We spoke with more than a dozen design leaders. The consensus? Designing for social reform will be more important than ever under Trump.”
  2. Eight steps reporters should take before Trump assumes office | “With the two houses of Congress controlled by Republicans and a Democratic party in chaos, of course it falls on the shoulders of journalists to deepen the solid investigative work begun during the campaign.”
  3. The 14 Features of Eternal Fascism | “In 1995, Italian novelist and philosopher Umberto Eco wrote a piece for The New York Review of Books on fascism. As part of the article, Eco listed 14 features of what he called Ur-Fascism or Eternal Fascism.”
  4. Insight: Brad Bird on Animation | “Brad Bird, writer and director of animated films ‘The Iron Giant’, ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Ratatouille’, gives an insight into his writing process, how he directs animation and why many people fundamentally misunderstand the medium.”
  5. Don’t Defend Your Work | “The impulse to defend one’s work feels natural in design. But as we start to examine design reviews in the context of user-centered design, it becomes clear that defensiveness may not be the best response. Designers are much better off when they focus on collaborating with their stakeholders, listening to their feedback, and asking questions to get the deepest insights.”
  6. Do Not Go Gentle into That iTunes Store | “If one software product overcharges your kid by a multiple of 10, that could be a software bug. When three products from the same manufacturer all do it, that’s not a bug, it’s a deliberate attempt to defraud families, by overcharging on purpose and hiding behind the opacity of iTunes’s purchase reporting.”
  7. How Far Back In Time Can You Go Before the English Language Becomes Incomprehensible? | “If you had a time machine, how far back could you go and still understand English AT what point in history would you not be able to understand the English language? If you went back in time to the 1800’s and 1700’s, you’d probably still be okay. This except is from the book ‘Robinson Crusoe‘, in 1719…”
  8. The Aberdeen Bestiary | “The Aberdeen Bestiary (Aberdeen University Library MS 24) is considered to be one of the best examples of its type due to its lavish and costly illuminations. The manuscript, written and illuminated in England around 1200, is of added interest since it contains notes, sketches and other evidence of the way it was designed and executed.”
  9. Julian Gough: The myth of the selfish artist ruined my marriage | “I now know male writers do not have to choose between family and work. Both feed each other.”
  10. Simple But Clever Charts And Infographics | Yep!

Image: screenshot from a video edited by Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr., link #4.