The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #91

  1. Frere-Jones Finishes Retina, the Font He’s Been Designing for 15 Years | “From the pages of the Wall Street Journal to MoMA’s collection to you.”
  2. If you could get everybody to read one book, what would it be? | “Anil Dash recently asked his Twitter followers: ‘If you could get everybody to read one book, what would it be?’ Dash followed up right away with his answer: The Power Broker by Robert Caro. Here are some of the other interesting responses…”
  3. Where Do No. 2 Pencils Come From? | “Amazingly, you can thank Henry David Thoreau and his family for this SAT must-have. The more you know!”
  4. Sam Stubblefield: Why Designers Must Think Like Contrarians | “A creative cannot but look at the world differently. It is part of the job.”
  5. Who else shares my passion for traditional 2d animation? | Just an awesome little collection of classic sketches animations.
  6. Ordered Systems, Playfulness, and Radical Design Thinking | “The short-lived Ulm School had it all.”
  7. When Kodak Accidentally Discovered A-Bomb Testing | “Two thousand miles away from the U.S. A-bomb tests in 1945, something weird was happening to Kodak’s film.”
  8. Welcome to Etsy Design | “At Etsy, we’re aspiring to design excellence in every facet. Daunting, but exciting… and exceedingly important. You see, we believe that design at its best is people-centric. We’re on a mission to create holistic experiences that put people first.”
  9. How the Web Became Unreadable | “I thought my eyesight was beginning to go. It turns out, I’m suffering from design.”
  10. WordPress Without Shame | “WordPress is not particularly exciting, intrinsically modern, or lightweight. It’s a 13-year-old monolithic web application that powers 25% of the web and probably 30% of web spam. But, a whole lot of the time, WordPress is the right framework.”

Bonus: how we determined our “core values”—the story behind our Being Tremendous poster.

Image: Lufthansa brand guidelines, link #6.