The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #82

  1. A Checklist for Everyday. | “We (as a studio, a couple, two individuals) have historically struggled with measuring our success by our levels of productivity. Hours billed, projects finished, lists checked, dollars earned = better/more accomplished people. This way of thinking is exhausting. And unhealthy. And eventually leads to loathing (not loving) vocation. Over the years, we’ve learned: (a) productivity and creativity are not the same thing, and (b) presence is infinitely more rewarding than productivity. That in mind, we’ve compiled together some practices that help keep us focused on what matters most, everyday.”
  2. The Beauty of Scientific Diagrams | “The project aims to explore scientific diagrams and take form integration to more complex territories. It looks at experimenting with typography, lettering and illustration, paying tribute to the history of science. Since making the perfect match between the letter and the diagram was such a task, choosing the invention or the discovery was hardly upto me but dependant on what I could find…”
  3. How To Use Color To Prove Your Point, From A Data Viz Expert | “The importance of color theory is a well-explored topic in art and design. But what about when it comes to information design?”
  4. Jerry’s Map | “In the summer of 1963 I began drawing a map of an imaginary city… It now comprises over 3200 individual eight by ten inch panels. Its execution, in acrylic, marker, colored pencil, ink, collage, and inkjet print on heavy paper, is dictated by the interplay between an elaborate set of rules and randomly generated instructions.”
  5. The Best Designed Magazines of 2016? The Stack Awards Picks the Newsstand’s Standouts | “Of the dates marked on a magazine lover’s calendar, the Stack Awards is probably circled in bright red ink. Launched last year by the Stack, a monthly, UK-based subscription service that sends an exceptionally well-curated selection of independent magazines straight to your door, the call for entries for this year’s awards is now officially open.”
  6. Print! A Guide for Perplexed Web Denizens | “Preliminary advice for web writers on managing the weird world of the dead-tree press.”
  7. Olympics to companies: mentioning “Olympics” in social media is a trademark violation | “The US Olympics Committee has sent a letter to companies that sponsor athletes but don’t sponsor the games, warning them that mentioning the Olympics in social media is a trademark violation. Needless to say, they are wrong.”
  8. Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Joel Hodgson on the undying appeal of mocking bad movies | “When Joel Hodgson announced a Kickstarter campaign to bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000, the 1990s cult cable show he’d created and starred in, the internet basically melted down. The show’s combination of bad B-movies and relentless riffing had earned it an active underground fan base, and in the 17 years since its demise MST3K had continued to live on thanks to word of mouth and online chatter.”
  9. The behavioral psychology behind freemium mobile games | “In a short video, Joss Fong and Dion Lee of Vox explore how free mobile games are engineered to make money using behavioral psychology.”
  10. How to start a startup | “The list of 43 tasks I’ve done in my first 40 days as COO of Matter Studios.”

Image: via AIGA, link #5.