The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #76

  1. The Creative World’s Bullshit Industrial Complex | “Don’t fall into the trap of being an expert before you’re ready. We have enough of those.”
  2. Has Design Become Too Hard? | “Consider responsive web design, proposed six years ago (video) by Ethan Marcotte at An Event Apart, and subsequently turned into an article and then a book. In twenty-plus years, I’ve never seen a design idea spread faster, not only among designers but even clients and entire corporations. Companies brag about having responsive designs for advertising, for crying out loud. Yet, after a euphoric honeymoon, designers soon began complaining that responsive design was too hard, that we’d never faced such challenges as visual people before. But haven’t we?”
  3. A Rough Sketch for a Video Essay as Design Criticism | “The video, or film, essay gained popularity in the 1950s and 60s that trades typical narrative plots for themes and investigations. Drawing inspiration from Orson Welles, Charles and Ray Eames, and film critics working today, I how the video essay can be used to further design criticism online and bring critical writing about design to different audiences.”
  4. St. Louis, Entrepreneurial Boomtown | “Metro areas all over the country are trying to nurture startups, without much luck. The Gateway City is succeeding. What’s its secret?”
  5. Self-proclaimed ‘Thought Leader’ gives talk on ‘Thought Leadership’ | This is wonderful.
  6. World map of the origin of agricultural crops | “From the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, a map showing where the world’s most used crops originated. Potatoes and tomatoes are from the Andes, watermelon from southern Africa, bananas from south & southeast Asia, and blueberries from North America.”
  7. Unless You’re Oprah, ‘Be Yourself’ Is Terrible Advice. | “If I can be authentic for a moment: Nobody wants to see your true self. We all have thoughts and feelings that we believe are fundamental to our lives, but that are better left unspoken.”
  8. Google Ventures On How Sketching Can Unlock Big Ideas | “Jake Knapp, author of Sprint, reveals a four-step process for sketching your way to greatness.”
  9. The 100 greatest American films | “BBC Culture polled film critics from around the world to determine the best American movies ever made. The results are surprising–Gone With the Wind appears at 97.”
  10. From Personal Project to a 40-Book Cover Commission | “How one young designer broke into the publishing world on her first try.”

Image: courtesy of Manuja Waldia via 99U, link #10.