The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #74

  1. Let’s stop trivializing design work | “This week, Instagram updated their logo, and right on cue, the Internet exploded about it. This is not a post about that. Rather, this is a post about how we all critique design in public. For example, this tweet got a lot of traction, especially from designy people…”
  2. Storyboarding made simple | “Boords is a web-based tool for making perfect storyboards quickly and easily. So you can focus on the important stuff!”
  3. Infographic adaptation of Star Wars A New Hope |”123m (403.5 ft) of scrolling by graphic novelist Martin Panchaud.”
  4. How a Gutenberg printing press works | “Demonstration on the only working model of a Gutenberg printing press–Crandall Historical Printing Museum.”
  5. Solving a Century-Old Typographical Mystery | “How a strange face in a random 19th-century newspaper ad became a portal to a forgotten moment in ASCII art history.”
  6. How the Toronto Symphony Orchestra uses graphic design to guide its audiences though its music | “The Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s ‘listening guides’ make use of symbols and morse code-like notation to aid the experience of a live performance. We talked to their creator, Hannah Chan-Hartley, about how she is helping the TSO to visualise its repertoire.”
  7. Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Catalog, the book that changed the world | “Stewart Brand was at the heart of 60s counterculture and is now widely revered as the tech visionary whose book anticipated the web. We meet the man for whom big ideas are a way of life.”
  8. The Evolution of an Accidental Meme | “How one little graphic became shared and adapted by millions.”
  9. The Co-op returns to its clover-leaf logo from 1968 | “At its AGM today the Co-op unveiled a new logo – and it’s one that will already be familiar to millions across the UK. Forgoing designing a completely new identity, studio North have reunited the company with its classic logotype of the 1960s.” (I love that a decision like this can get made.)
  10. How Do You Solve the Problem of Gendered Bathrooms? | “This Capitol Hill Brewery May Have an Answer.”

Image: via link #6, part of the listening guide for Mozart’s Symphony No. 41 in C Major, K. 551 ‘Jupiter’. Photo: Hannah Chan-Hartley