The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #72

  1. Schlafly Walking Tree Wheat | Dan Zettwoch: “I helped out with this new beer from my local brewery Schlafly called Walking Tree Wheat. I drew the label, gift box, and a 12 page full-color comic book that comes inside. Here’s a bunch of the research, sketches and final illustrations…” Yay, Dan! More from St. Louis Magazine.
  2. Noguchi Ceiling From 1940s Is Uncovered at U-Haul in St. Louis | “An undulating lobby ceiling that Isamu Noguchi sculpted in the 1940s has emerged at a U-Haul branch in St. Louis, two decades after it was hidden by partitions and dropped ceiling panels. Noguchi designed the feature, known as a lunar landscape, for the building’s original owner, the American Stove Company. Its amoeba-shape channels, originally meant to conceal light bulbs, were recently unveiled.”
  3. Life Lessons from a Lifestyle Business | “An Interview with Matt Haughey, Founder of MetaFilter.” A refreshingly honest and helpful look at running a small business.
  4. “The Artist’s Way” in an Age of Self-Promotion | “…the scathing review became a tool to reinforce a particular world view: artistic people must learn how to emotionally guard themselves against the tides of negativity—both external and internal.”
  5. How About a Little Badass Inspiration? | “In 1980 my mother moved from rural Maine to NYC with two young children and she slept on a pull-out couch in the living room while attending art-school and working nights. She wanted to make a real and lasting mark on the art world. Now, some 36 years later, this is actually happening.”
  6. The Secret World Inside The Original 1984 Macintosh | “Every Mac is a tiny universe filled with microscopic people in Dorothy’s latest print.”
  7. The Unlikely Resurgence Of Vintage Graphics Standards Manuals | “Before the Internet, printed graphics standards manuals were practical tools for designers. Today, they sell for $80 a pop.”
  8. Stop Trying to “Do It All” | “Limits are not, well, limiting. Framed correctly, putting a cap on your ambition and future plans is tremendously freeing.”
  9. Microsoft’s excellent Windows Phone keyboard is now available for iOS | “The new iOS version will let you tap or swipe to type out words and intelligently predict words for sentences, just like the Windows Phone variant.”
  10. And Now, I Unfollow Thee | “Noah Masterson, a web marketing manager in Austin, Tex., is like the Marie Kondo of Twitter. He keeps it tidy. ‘I just unfollowed about 20 people to get down to an even 400,’ he said. ‘It felt really good.'”

Image: artwork by Dan Zettwoch for Schlafly brewery.