The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #67

  1. Type Scan Alphabet | “Tony Ziebetzki is a graphic designer from Berlin who had the great idea of ​​composing a script by scanning various carvings, creating many different reports that letters of the alphabet. Work visually impressive and very inspiring to discover more.”
  2. Design Facts | “So much to know, So little time. Design Facts is a platform for sharing the inspiring, shocking, passionate, brilliant, revolutionary, carefully crafted and relatively young history of our craft, all in bite-sized servings.”
  3. Apple Inc. turns 40 | “Apple turns 40 years old next week on April 1. To celebrate in their typical “don’t dwell on the past but whoa look at all the cool stuff we’ve done” fashion, Apple debuted a 40-second commercial at an event earlier this week featuring 40 significant things from the company’s history.”
  4. PhotoViz: Visualizing Information Through Photography | “PhotoViz explores the intersection of photography, infographics, and data visualization. Combining cutting-edge technology and classic photographic techniques enables us to tell stories and visualize information more powerfully and compactly than ever: a full day of flights all at once, invisible Wi-Fi networks, global trade, intimate psychology, movement, time itself, and more. The concept of PhotoViz invites us to simultaneously reinvent our collective reality and demystify our surroundings.” More: Take a Trip Through the Wild New World of Photo-Viz
  5. What are the essential qualities of a good design leader? | “We’ve asked a handful of design leaders to respond to prompts each week. This week’s prompt was “What do you believe are the essential qualities of a good design leader?” Below, Peter Merholz and Uday Gajendar answer.”
  6. Graphic Means | Trailer for a design history film.
  7. 5 Tips for Telecommuting as a Creative Professional | “Some companies are reassessing their work-from-home policies, but you can make it work for you. Use these five tips for telecommuting. – See more at:”
  8. The Life-Changing Magic Of Shorter Emails | “Sending shorter emails can change your career and boost your bottom line. Receiving shorter emails can make your workday more bearable.”
  9. 29 Things Young Designers Need to Know | “Too bad there’s not a handbook for making the shift from design student to design professional. To make that transition easier, Doug Bartow, principal of ID29 offers his advice.”
  10. Why You Hate Going to Work | “When you are in the grip of fear, anxiety and depression you don’t make a realistic assessment of situations which occur. You don’t create great innovative solutions. You don’t think very well at all and research carried out on armed forces personnel in the US indicates that your ability to make decisions drops off a cliff.”

Image: artwork by Tony Ziebetzki.