The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #65

  1. Stop Learning. Start Applying. | “Stop searching. You already have what you are looking for. You are reading books, blogs, and how-to guides. Watching youtube videos, & listening to podcasts looking for that one golden piece of information that is going to help you have more will power, more self-control, or just make you feel more content.”
  2. “This Is How We Built It” Case Studies | “Unlike many other industries, the web design community is all about sharing knowledge and experience. Each of us is very lucky to be part of such a great and useful learning environment, and it is up to us to embrace it — to embrace our learning experiences, and also to embrace our ability to share. Not only are case studies a great way to explain the design process of an agency, but they also help designers and developers to learn from each other.”
  3. Flat File — Herb Lubalin Study Center | “Weekly publication featuring one piece of graphic design at a time. In order to admire them, but also to learn something useful in the process. The context and the story behind each piece can reveal lessons that are timeless and invaluable to every contemporary designer. Every design piece featured here comes from the vast collection of work in the Herb Lubalin Study Center.”
  4. Focus on your own shit | “My eyes crack open. 7am. Roll over. Grab my phone. Start scrolling… Check Product Hunt. Ahh, shit. Someone just launched an app similar to my product (and we’re still in beta). Scroll through Twitter. Shit! This person I’m jealous of just announced a another success.”
  5. Managing the very small business | “How do you find, lead and manage employees in a tiny business (two to nine people)? This is an organization that’s bigger than a solo operation, but it almost certainly involves everyone reporting to the boss.”
  6. Essential infographics for the climate-conscious traveller | “The recent global climate agreement in Paris had two clear messages that will affect how we travel. First, nearly 200 nations agreed it’s critical to limit global warming to a maximum of +2C… Secondly, the nations of the world decided against creating any legally binding global rules or targets. Instead it was left to the collective voluntary actions of societies and individuals to do the right thing.”
  7. Stripe Atlas | “Introducing Stripe Atlas. A new way to start an internet business anywhere.”
  8. Motivational Startup Taglines You Can Print Out And Stick On The Exposed Brick In Your Office. | “MOVE FAST AND DIE. FAIL AT FAILING. LAUNCH FIRST. DENY LATER. BUILD THE PAST, IN THE PRESENT, WITH FUTURE MONEY.”
  9. Shigeru Ban Designed The Ultimate Ballpoint Pen For Architects | “You’ll never be without a scale ruler again.”
  10. A Complete History of the Millennium Falcon | “The Millennium Falcon underwent a long and arduous number of conceptual iterations before its final iconic shape emerged; the one we now once again see blasting its way across the big screen. In fact it wasn’t even known by its famous name until well into production, having up until then gone under the much mundane moniker: Pirate Ship.”

Image: artwork via Kitbashed, link #10.