The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #63

  1. OK GO’S ‘UPSIDE DOWN & INSIDE OUT’ FAQ & CREDITS | “This video was shot in an airplane that flies parabolic maneuvers to provide brief periods of weightlessness, sometimes referred to as or “zero gravity” or “zero g.”… The video is a single take, but there is some time removed to make that possible… You can spot the moments in the video when we skip ahead in time because they are points when gravity briefly returns. This happens at 0:46, 1:06, 1:27, 1:48, 2:09, 2:30, and 2:50.”
  2. The Making of Daniel Clowes and a golden age for comics | “Daniel Clowes has been working on his latest book, Patience, for five years. At 180 pages, it’s his longest work to date, more than twice as long as Wilson, his graphic novel about an abrasive loner in Oak­land who claims to be a people person but actually can’t stand most of them (nor they him), and Ghost World, the artist’s most popular work, about the disintegrating relation­ship between two teen girls in an unnamed American suburb. From the time Clowes began the book in 2010 until its completion last October, he didn’t show a single page of it to anyone, not to Erika, his wife of 20 years, nor to his publishers at Fantagraphics, who will release the book this March, nor to his closest friends.”
  3. Elements of telegraphic style, 1928 | “Nelson E. Ross’s “small booklet” sets out the principles of sending telegrams ‘in the most economical manner possible,’ so you can take full advantage of a communications medium that ‘annihilates distance and commands immediate attention.'”
  4. The Woman Who Created Netflix’s Enviable Company Culture | “How Patty McCord created what Sheryl Sandberg called ‘the most important document ever to come out of the Valley.'”
  5. The Leica Q | “A six month field test.”
  6. Automatically Art-Directed Responsive Images? Here You Go. | “In many projects, responsive images aren’t a technical issue but a strategic concern. Delivering different images to different screens is technically possible with srcset and sizes and <picture> element and Picturefill (or a similar) polyfill; but all of those variants of images have to be created, adjusted and baked into the logic of the existing CMS. And that’s not easy.”
  7. The Next Big Thing in Design | “IDEO has joined a creative collective. Here’s why.”
  8. How to Apply Lateral Thinking to Your Creative Work | “Pretend that you’re trapped in a magical room with only two exits. Through the first exit is a room made from a giant magnifying glass, and the blazing hot sun will fry you to death. Through the second door is a room with a fire-breathing dragon. Which do you go through? The first door, of course. Simply wait until the sun goes down. Also: The Power of Creative Cross Training: How Experimentation Creates Possibility.
  9. New Method Helps You Learn Skills Twice As Fast | “What’s the best way to learn a new skill, such as playing the guitar? Multiple hours spent doing the same task over and over is thought to be the optimal strategy – practice makes perfect, as many would say. However, a new study in Current Biology has revealed that varying your training regime, and not making it so repetitive, may actually double the speed at which you learn.”
  10. BuyMeOnce | “Let’s throw away our throwaway culture. BuyMeOnce finds and promotes products that don’t break the bank, don’t break the planet… that don’t break at all! We also challenge manufacturers to break their habits and build stuff that really lasts – we know they can.”

Image via link #3, Telegraph Office.