The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #55

  1. Theft, Lies, and Facebook Video | “Facebook says it’s now streaming more video than YouTube. To be able to make that claim, all they had to do was cheat, lie, and steal.”
  2. Acumin | “Acumin is a versatile sans-serif typeface family designed by Robert Slimbach, intended for a balanced and rational quality. Solidly neo-grotesque, it performs beautifully at display sizes but also maintains an exceptional degree of sensitivity for text sizes.”
  3. Geometric Collages Created From Layers of Vintage File Folders and Index Cards | “Cataloging the tools once used for the very same purpose, Augustine Kofie creates collages that utilize file folders, index cards, and steno notepads from the ’50s through ’80s that were found while scouring the contents of Los Angeles estate sales. Kofie chooses to compile vintage materials from before the dawn of the digital age, a time when data took up physical space rather than gigabytes on an external hard drive.”
  4. When the Empire State Building Was Just an Architect’s Sketch | “How one of the world’s most famous skyscrapers was built.”
  5. Pantone Smoothies | “A delicious color experiment. I make a lot of smoothies and noticed it kinda works like mixing paint. Add a strawberry, get a hot pink hue, add some spinach and get a subtle green. Pantone Smoothies is an artsy little project seeking an answer to the question: is it possible to create tasty smoothies in any Pantone color?” (Via Dave Gray)
  6. Tabletop Whale’s guide to making GIFs | “Recently I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking for a tutorial on how to make animations. So this week I put together a quick explanation for anyone who’s interested. I archived it as a link on the menu bar of my website, so it’ll always be easy to find if you need it. This is just a run-through of my own personal animation workflow, so it’s not a definitive guide or anything. There are plenty of other ways to make animations in Photoshop and other programs.”
  7. The Advertising Bubble | “A few days ago VentureBeat published an article called The 7 martech buying trends shaping sales & marketing strategies in 2016, a piece of sponsored prose remarkable not for its content, but for being at least four layers of advertising removed from any kind of productive economic activity.”
  8. ‘Cast in India’, A Fascinating Short Film That Traces the Indian Origins of New York City Manhole Covers | “When Brooklyn-based filmmaker Natasha Raheja noticed that the words “Made In India” were prominently stamped onto every manhole cover in New York City, she sought to trace the origins of that simple but incredibly compelling statement. The resulting short film, “Cast in India” documents each step of the production process performed by barefoot foundry workers in the industrial city of Howrah in West Bengal, India.”
  9. Invisible Design | “People often expect designers to have a certain sensibility towards well-crafted interfaces. And that’s not untrue—a brief perusal on dribbble, for instance, reveals no shortage of beautiful pixels. But some of the best-designed experiences require little to no new pixel work. Why? Because any new interface requires effort—effort to learn, to open up, to navigate through. While that effort is necessary in many cases, when an app or service comes along that fulfills the magic of it just works—well, then that is a beautiful thing indeed.”
  10. DUMB CUNEIFORM | “Some tweets should live forever. We’ll convert it to a cuneiform tablet and send it to you in the mail.”

Image: artwork by Augustine Kofie via link #3.