The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #54

  1. How French Artists in 1899 Envisioned Life in the Year 2000: Drawing the Future | “One of the first things that stands out scanning through these prints, now hosted at The Public Domain Review, is a complete absence of space travel…”
  2. A Dire Evolutionary Timeline by ‘Blu’ on the Streets of Italy | “Artist Blu recently finished work on this staggering mural in Italy depicting a timeline of natural history from the tiniest single-cell creatures at the bottom, through the evolution of dinosaurs and mammals, up to the age of humans. The rainbow-hued evolutionary path eventually crumbles under its own weight, devoid of color, with images of industry and war.”
  3. Why ‘Spotlight’ Is the Film That Will Make Journalism Look Good Again | “It’s been nearly 40 years since ‘All the President’s Men’ turned two young reporters into stars, inspired a generation of young people to become journalists and conferred on the Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee a national renown. Now, the best journalism movie since Alan J. Pakula’s classic is coming to theaters and fans of early screenings are hoping ‘Spotlight,’ opening November 6 from Open Road Films, gives a similar boost to journalists and their profession.”
  4. Watch People in Other Industries React Hilariously to Being Asked for Free Spec Work | “People in other industries don’t provide their would-be clients with ‘spec work’ for free. That would be asinine. So, why do advertising agencies continue to do it?”
  5. ITUNES TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The Graphic Novel | “The complete, unabridged legal agreement, as drawn by R. Sikoryak. A new page added every day.”
  6. How To Get Press for your Startup: The Complete Guide | “There’s nothing a startup (or any company) needs quite as much as press. We can pretend like press doesn’t matter after we have it, but until then it brings in traffic, users, social validation and legitimacy all at the same time. Those are things it’s hard to get enough of.”
  7. Canon Challenges Six Photographers In Portrait Shoot With A Fascinating Twist | “Six photographers were invited to independently photograph a portrait of a man named Michael. These candidates were unaware that each participant had been provided a different account about Michael’s background.”
  8. National Geographic Society sets biggest layoff in its history | “In addition to the layoffs and buyouts, the National Geographic Society said it would freeze its pension plan for eligible employees, eliminate medical coverage for future retirees and change its contributions to an employee 401(k) plan so that all employees receive the same percentage contribution.”
  9. Books on Visual Thinking | “The best way to learn visual thinking is to pick up a pen and paper and start doing it. However, the following books have opened up my perspective and helped me improve my skills.”
  10. New Desktop Folder Created For Sad Little Creative Project | “CANTON, OH—According to sources, local sales associate Dan Herzfeld, 29, created a new desktop folder on his office laptop this morning for the sad little creative project he’s working on.”

Bonus link: New work for MIT.

Image: created by Tremendousness for MIT / Gartner.