The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #51

  1. Computer Show | “Time to share: we made a show, it’s a technology talk show set in 1983. And it’s called Computer Show.”
  2. The Passable Designer | “Breathtakingly honest coverage of the world’s least self-absorbed industry.”
  3. Someone just uploaded their complete collection of Kmart in-store background music | “A strange time capsule of 1989-1993 via discount department store ephemera.”
  4. Her Code Got Humans on the Moon—And Invented Software Itself | “Margaret Hamilton wasn’t supposed to invent the modern concept of software and land men on the moon. It was 1960, not a time when women were encouraged to seek out high-powered technical work. Hamilton, a 24-year-old with an undergrad degree in mathematics, had gotten a job as a programmer at MIT, and the plan was for her to support her husband through his three-year stint at Harvard Law. After that, it would be her turn—she wanted a graduate degree in math.”
  5. Specialist or Jack-of-All-Trades? The Answer’s Obvious to Me | “When deciding who to hire, it often comes down to the decision of jack of all trades or specialist. I believe there is one that will help your business far more, and that’s jack of all trades.”
  6. More Americans killed by guns since 1968 than in all U.S. wars | “Each year, the number of firearm-related deaths reach almost the equivalent of U.S. casualties in Korean War… Please note that this post simply visualize the informations contained in Nicholas Kristof’s and Louis Jacobson’s articles (links below), who discuss precisely the nature and consistency of the data (read them before taking this data visualization as a simple pro- or anti-gun campaign).”
  7. Sitting for long periods doesn’t make death more imminent, study suggests | “You’ve read the warnings: “Sitting will kill you.” And many of you have sought out standing desks, fearful that a chair will only hasten the end of your mortal existence. Well, take a deep breath, relax and add this to the mix of research out there on the pros and cons of standing at work: a study published Tuesday in the International Journal of Epidemiology found that sitting is not associated with an increased risk of dying.”
  8. “What do you think?” | “Four powerful words to get creative teams to do their best work.”
  9. Uncovering The Secret History Of Myers-Briggs | “…though her creation is everywhere, Myers and the details of her life’s work are curiously absent from the public record. Not a single independent biography is in print today. Not one article details how Myers, an award-winning mystery writer who possessed no formal training in psychology or sociology, concocted a test routinely deployed by 89 of the Fortune 100 companies, the US government, hundreds of universities…”
  10. Good design is good business | “Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers design partner John Maeda talks to McKinsey’s Hugo Sarrazin about why today’s senior executives must understand design.”

Image via link #1, Computer Show.