The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #41

  1. After Pixar | “In the studio with an Oscar-nominated startup.”
  2. The Disapproval Matrix | “In my ongoing quest for the perfect framework for understanding haters, I created The Disapproval Matrix… This is one way to separate haterade from productive feedback.”
  3. Web Design: The First 100 Years | “This is the expanded version of a talk I gave on September 9, 2014, at the HOW Interactive Design conference in Washington, DC.”
  4. Explaining graphic design to four-year-olds | “I recently offered to talk at the local primary school, about my job (or at least part of my job). I expected to be speaking to the older kids, and be able to talk specifically about the cool parts of the job, and maybe some of the sucky bits too, and how you get around them. However, I was asked to talk to a reception class (four and five-year-olds), and it turned out to be an interesting exercise in boiling down what you do, to its most basic elements.”
  5. The Case for the 32-Hour Workweek | “Since 2006, Ryan Carson, the CEO of Treehouse, has maintained a four-day workweek for his employees. ‘There’s no rule that you have to work 40 hours, you have to work more to be successful,’ says Carson. ‘We’ve proven that you can take it from an experiment into something that’s doable for real companies and real people in highly competitive markets.'”
  6. Neurotic People See Faces in Things | “Costandi explains that the fact that neurotic people — who tend to be more tense, nervous, and emotionally unstable than non-neurotic people — seem to be predisposed for pareidolia is likely an evolutionary holdover: Their nerves put them on higher alert for threats, which may mean that they see danger where it actually isn’t. In this case, the researchers argue, that danger takes the form of a face.”
  7. How Buildings Learn | By Stewart Brand. One of my favorite books, ever. This six-part, three-hour, BBC TV series aired in 1997 and it’s viewable on Brand’s YouTube account.
  8. 2014 50 Books | 50 Covers Winners Announced | “This competition continues a tradition that dates back over ninety years, when American Institute of Graphic Arts, mounted the show The Fifty Books of 1923.”
  9. The British Library on Flickr | The British Library is putting a million images, including maps, illustration, lettering, into public domain via Flickr. “The release of these collections into the public domain represent the Library’s desire to improve knowledge of and about them, to enable novel and unexpected ways of using them, and to begin working with researchers to explore and interpret large scale digital collections.”
  10. How the legendary Chuck Jones became a great artist | “Tony Zhou is back with another installment of Every Frame a Painting. In this one, he examines the evolution of Looney Tunes animation master Chuck Jones and how his approach and style changed as his career progressed.”

Photo by Harry Grout on Unsplash.