The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #36

  1. I have no idea what the hell I am doing | “Thank you. How’s it going New York? It’s good to be back. Like Oliver said, my name is Brad Frost, and I have absolutely no idea what the hell I am doing.”
  2. It’s OK not to start your y-axis at zero | “Charts should convey information and make a point. We make charts to illustrate ideas that have context beyond their x- and y-axes. Forcing the y-axis to start at zero can do just as much to obscure and confuse the point as the opposite. Of course, there’s plenty of nuance to when it is and isn’t OK. Below are some guiding principles when it comes the y-axis.”
  3. 12 Questions on the Future of Design | “As part of Kickstarter’s Design Month festivities, we made a list of clever thinkers and interesting friends in the design world and sent them a short, open-ended survey about the past, present, and future of their fields.”
  4. Is shirking just a smarter way of working? | “People who made formal arrangements to reduce their workloads – more often women – got penalised for not pulling their weight. Yet the fake workaholics, predominantly men, were seen as no less devoted to their jobs than the real ones, and were rewarded accordingly. This says something depressing about sexism, but it also shows that what was being rewarded wasn’t relentless work, but the appearance of relentless work.”
  5. The Rise of the New Groupthink and the Power of Working Alone | “If this is true—if solitude is an important key to creativity—then we might all want to develop a taste for it. We’d want to teach our kids to work independently. We’d want to give employees plenty of privacy and autonomy. Yet increasingly we do just the opposite.”
  6. Cancelled! | “While I appreciate the history, engraving, design, and aesthetics of postage stamps, I find myself drawn to stamps that have been cancelled—and the more cancelled the better.”
  7. Autopsy: Lessons from Failed Startups | A curated collection of deeper looks at why certain startups (many, many startups) failed.
  8. STARTUPSTASH | “A curated directory of resources & tools to help you build your Startup.”
  9. The CEO of a $1 billion ‘unicorn’ startup admits we’re in a bubble | “I had drinks with one of the $1 billion “unicorn” CEOs last night, in a trendy Noho bar in London. He told me he thinks we’re in a tech bubble, and it’s going to end badly for many companies.”
  10. KEYNOTE MOTION GRAPHIC EXPERIMENT | “I was experimenting with Keynote’s animation tools and decided for fun to make a short animated motion graphic to showcase what the app can do. It’s pretty impressive how much Keynote can stand up to pro animation apps like After Effects and Motion and how fast it makes process.” (Read more about Keynote for motion graphics here.)

Image via John Foster / Design Observer.