The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #35

  1. The Design Tools Survey | “TL;DR: Today I’m launching a survey of the tools that digital designers are using in their work. It will run for a week and the results will be made public.”
  2. What makes a great Creative Director? | A short video (via The St. Louis Egotist)
  3. Jeffrey Zeldman: My website is 20 years old today | “I’m dictating these remarks into a tiny handheld device, not to prove a point, but because, with gorgeously ironic timing, my wired internet connection has gone out.”
  4. Program without writing a line of code | “Blockspring is the world’s library of functions, accessible from everywhere you do work.”
  5. Shapeways | “The world’s leading 3D printing service & marketplace … enables everyone to bring their ideas to life.”
  6. City Museum | “A 10-Story Former Shoe Factory Transformed into the Ultimate Urban Playground”
  7. Federal Standard Color | “The Federal Standard color system, officially named Federal Standard 595C – Colors Used in Government Procurement, is a United States Federal Standard. Federal Standard 595 is the color description and communication system developed in 1956 by the United States government.” I had no idea. And what a deliciously redundant governmentesque description! (via Coudal)
  8. WashU seismologist who loves disaster movies reviews ‘San Andreas’ | “The geology is all wrong, but the movie is a kick.”
  9. Goods So Good | “Goods So Good is unapologetically commercial: its sole purpose is to present you the best design things you can buy, regardless of whether you wanted them or not.”
  10. Why being weird gets me more clients | “Listen, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that your genuine “brand” – the slick, nasty little term for the encapsulation of your quirky, esoteric personality, your unique likes and dislikes, your skills and talents – is FAR MORE INTERESTING than any manufactured, safe “brand” that these Mavens would have you construct. “

Image by Jeffrey Zeldman.