The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #34

  1. How I taught my 2 year old daughter to make her own video game | Our very own Ashley Rath’s husband, Robin, has a new Kickstarter: “…we kept seeing kids as young as five very quickly understanding the concepts and the ideas behind what needed to be done to make a game with our tools, and many of them extremely engaged. We realized we needed the tools to work with a broader age range and with far less discipline required. That’s when we introduced color into our tool set, and more specifically physical, colored blocks.”
  2. Top 4 Ballparks (As Infographics) | And here’s a cool thing from another friend of Tremendousness, Jacob: “What makes a great stadium? We map out the cool features, quirky details, and historic achievements in this countdown.”
  3. Errol Morris: How Typography Shapes Our Perception Of Truth | “The acclaimed filmmaker of The Thin Blue Line and The Fog of War reveals why he now types all his manuscripts in Baskerville.”
  4. Cheap Bots, Done Quick! | “This site will help you make a Twitterbot! They’re easy to make and free to run.”
  5. Save All Your Photos—Especially the ‘Bad’ Ones | “Never trash a photo. You could be throwing away a piece of your true self.”
  6. Google’s New Photos App Is Like Gmail For Pictures | “Google released a new application Thursday at its annual developer conference that aims to drastically improve photo storage and organization.”
  7. How BentoBox Is Ending the Era of Badly Designed Restaurant Websites | “While companies in other industries usually had a good handle on their web presence, Mobayeni noticed that the restaurants were struggling. There wasn’t a good platform that anticipated their needs and gave them an easy way to present themselves on the web, and so often, their sites suffered for it.”
  8. The designer’s guide to New York | “On the Grid is a designer’s guide to neighborhood gems. It was created by Hyperakt, a design agency based in Brooklyn. Excited by all the new places we discovered after moving to the neighborhood of Gowanus, we decided to make a simple, user-friendly guide which would allow us to share these gems with the rest of the world.”
  9. ALEX CLEANERS -> ____ C__AFE__ | “craightonberman snapped this shot and posted to twitter: Officially best cafe signage in all of Chicago.”
  10. Google’s head of HR shares his hiring secrets | “Google’s SVP of People operations explains how he sifts through 2 million resumes and how he defines the Googleyness of potential hires.”
  11. Rickrolling is sexist, racist and often transphobic in context | “The rickroll is a kind of postmodern “shared joke” that can be used to dissipate online social anxiety—at least inasfar as everyone “gets” it. But among whom is that implicit context shared, really? The truth, according to this insightful longread at Medium, is that rickrolling is highly problematic, especially in its dependence upon the semiotics of cisgendered discourse.” (Note: this make me feel a bit guilty for being part of this.)

Photo via Robin Rath, link #1.