The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #31

  1. The Incredible Creative Power of One-Minute Sketches | “If you want your colleagues to see what you mean, take one minute to sketch it out.”
  2. What Killed The Infographic? | “If you’ve seen fewer experimental data visualizations lately, it’s only because the medium has grown up and gotten a job.”
  3. Herb Lubalin, American Graphic Designer | “Following the phenomenal success of the deluxe version of Herb Lubalin: American Graphic Designer (1918—81) we are delighted to announce the publication of the ‘compact edition’. The new version has the same high production values as the deluxe edition – only smaller. This meticulously researched book offers a complete career overview of Herb Lubalin, beginning with his early days as one of the original Mad Men in the New York advertising world of the 50s and 60s, and continuing into the years of his greatest achievements as one of the world’s most influential typographers and graphic designers.” WANT!
  4. Bridgy | “Got a web site? Want replies and likes on your site? Want to post and tweet from your site? Bridgy is for you.”
  5. How to Make a Concept Model | “A concept model is a visual representation of a set of ideas that clarifies the concept for both the thinker and the audience. It is a useful and powerful tool for user experience designers but also for business, engineering, and marketing… basically anyone who needs to communicate complexity. Which is most of us, these days.”
  6. The Periodic Table of the Elements | …in pictures! Helps you get your mind around what we use all those elements for. (Via @SciencePorn)
  7. The Redesign of the Design Process | “It wasn’t that long ago that we believed in a romanticized notion of the power of the talented solo designer. This individual would lean back in their chair as everyone else would await the genius idea that would emerge. ‘Yes! That’s it. That’s what we need to build. Thanks again, Awesome Designer. You’ve made us great again.’ It doesn’t work that way any more. And actually, it’s clear it never did.”
  8. 3 Unheard Of Startup Hiring Tips To Find The Best | “From hiring, to the type of person to look for, to understanding your limitations. It’s a game of momentum.”
  9. Hand Drawn Logos | “A compilation of the most recent hand drawn logos from my Instagram page,” Have been following his Instagram for a while now—it’s just insane how tight his hand is.
  10. Well, we failed | “We set out with ambitious plans but after a year of development, we’ve run out of cash and are shutting down Wattage…The vision for Wattage was a future where anyone could manipulate matter. Where we needn’t settle for the generic, mass-produced things that currently line store shelves. A future where we can easily upgrade our old devices instead of throwing them away. Or reprogramming them to do entirely new and useful things.”

Image via link #6.