The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #28

  1. TMI Is The Future Of Branding | “You cannot get away with bullshit anymore,” says Landor Chief Strategy Officer Thomas Ordahl. Enter TMI.”
  2. Gone in a Flash: The Race to Save the Internet’s Least Favorite Tool | “Flash has been dying for years—what happens to all the websites it takes with it?”
  3. Screw leaning in. It’s time to slam the door in Silicon Valley’s face | “Opting out of sexist workplaces is straight out of the universe of boycotts and strikes. It acknowledges that this is a political problem, not one to be solved by HR.”
  4. 20+ Powerful Street Art Pieces That Tell The Uncomfortable Truth | “This street art uses simple slogans and provocative images to spread important and inspiring ideas in ways that are easy to remember. Such art can inspire people to action or at least remind them about important issues that they may have forgotten.”
  5. The Golden Ratio: Design’s Biggest Myth | “The golden ratio is total nonsense in design. Here’s why.”
  6. A Necessary Discourse On The Unfinished Design | “Michael Dila, the founder and self-labeled Chief Instigator of UNFINISHED, is on a mission to “punch holes in the present.” Dila seeks a better possible future, and he thinks we can get there with thoughtful, open-ended design that anticipates the evolution of the human mind.”
  7. An Analysis of Foursquare’s Popularity After Removing Check-Ins | “In May 2014 Foursquare removed check-ins and transformed the app into a lesser imitation of Yelp (using the accumulated reviews from Foursquare’s loyal audience.) Foursquare’s users felt betrayed that their reviews were used but what they once loved about the app was removed. Here’s how that worked out…”
  8. How to CYA for Q&A | “Nothing can derail an otherwise good presentation more than being unprepared for Q&A. Just ask Miss Utah or Miss Philippines USA — they learned the hard way when their rambling answers went viral.”
  9. MoMA’s Digital Art Vault | “Recently on Inside/Out, we heard from Assistant Media Conservator Peter Oleksik about MoMA’s efforts to preserve and digitize its collection of analog video art, amassed over the course of four decades.”
  10. 2016 Presidential Campaign Logos | “As the candidates continue to pile on, we’ll archive the logos here, from contenders both large and indie. (The pessimist might say that elections can be bought by the wealthy; so too can good design.)” Also: Marco Rubio’s campaign logo perplexes design experts and Hey Internet, Shut Up About Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Logo: Milton Glaser is Here with the Final Word

Art by Banksy.