The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #273

After a bit of a T10 hiatus, we’re back with an entirely new website. This iteration focuses specifically on how we support a variety of transformation and change programs for corporations, non-profits, startups, and other organizations. These projects range from strategy work and complete reorgs to new product launches, innovation opportunities, future state visioning, and more. It also clarifies how we fit into organizational change initiatives

We don’t DO the long-term transformation strategy work—that’s for our expert consultancy partners.

What we do is to help MAKE those transformation strategies work using visual communications.

We do this in collaboration with business leaders and consultancies, using our visual thinking expertise to create strategic change comms that Align, Communicate, and Activate your organization to embrace the change.

Unfortunately the communication aspect of setting your organization up to understand and execute change—with a focus on people—is nearly always overshadowed by the more tactical and financial planning aspects—focused on the leaders’ transformation goals. Multiple studies prove this. Now, on to the links.

  1. Welcome to the new Tremendousness website, launched 12 February 2024!
  2. Imo’s Taps a Favorite RFT Illustrator for 60th Anniversary Pizza Box | “Dan Zettwoch toasts the square beyond compare.”
  3. How NASA Learned to Love 4 Squirmy Letters | “Decades after sending it to design purgatory, the space agency celebrates a logo it still calls the worm.”
  4. Take a Virtual Tour of the Lascaux Cave Paintings | “The Lascaux Caves enjoyed a quiet existence for some 17,000 years. Then came the summer of 1940, when four teens investigated what seemed to be a fox’s den on a hill near Montignac, hoping it might lead to an underground passageway of local legend.”
  5. 4 TED Talks to Help You When You Feel Creatively Stuck | “Every entrepreneur gets stuck at some point. You want to idenitfy what’s causing it, and then move forward boldly to make changes.”
  6. Mediocre ideas, showing up, and persistence. | “I don’t have much advice to give, but if I have any, it’s that little recipe. Truly great ideas are rare. Jokers like us will probably never have one. That’s OK. We have mediocre ones all the time and they work just fine.” Via Chris Glass.
  7. Can This A.I.-Powered Search Engine Replace Google? It Has for Me. | “A start-up called Perplexity shows what’s possible for a search engine built from scratch with artificial intelligence.”
  8. An Overview of the Evolving Generative AI Landscape [Infographic] | “Looking to get a better handle on all the various tools that make up the gen AI landscape?”
  9. Data poisoning: how artists are sabotaging AI to take revenge on image generators | “Imagine this. You need an image of a balloon for a work presentation and turn to a text-to-image generator, like Midjourney or DALL-E, to create a suitable image. You enter the prompt: “red balloon against a blue sky” but the generator returns an image of an egg instead. You try again but this time, the generator shows an image of a watermelon.”
  10. I recently found out you can play a 33 1/3 LP record with a metal pick, and a paper horn. | Maybe only do this with your bargain bin records. See this as well.
  11. Bonus link since the T10 has been a bit dormant lately: 17 Minutes of Charles Schulz Drawing Peanuts (Charlie Brown).

Image: link #4 photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.