The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #272

  1. Readymag Stories: Emigre | “emigre is the california-based design duo of rudy vanderlans and zuzana licko, who have been collaborating since the early 1980s. the couple is renowned for their pioneering use of digital fonts and emigre magazine, one of the most influential graphic design publications of the 1980s and 1990s.”
  2. Default No to AI Training on Your Stories | “Fair use in the age of AI: Credit, compensation and consent are required.”
  3. Idea Surplus Disorder | “A weekly dose of innovation, ideation, and inspiration from your friends at Filament.”
  4. Understanding the role of pareidolia in early human cave art | “Research published in the Cambridge Archaeological Journal by the departments of Archaeology and Psychology at Durham University has found that Ice Age cave art made as early as 40,000 years ago was influenced in part by a visual psychological phenomenon called pareidolia.”
  5. Archaeologists Discover Previously Unknown Language From Ancient Tablet | “According to the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg in Germany, a public research university, the lost language belongs to the Indo-European family, which includes hundreds of related tongues that are all thought to share a single prehistoric ancestor.”
  6. Workers at companies that tested out a 4-day workweek are happier and more efficient — and firms made more money. One lawmaker says it’s ‘here to stay.’ | “Workers were more efficient, even as work intensity dipped. They worked less, and were able to better maintain their work-life balance. Revenue at firms participating grew by 15%, and a third of employees said they were less likely to leave their jobs. It’s the latest such study to demonstrate the tangible benefits of shortening the week, an idea that’s increasingly become reality as workers started to recalibrate their lives and relationship to work in the wake of the pandemic.” Also: How to Make a Four-Day Workweek Sustainable
  7. Meaning Guide | “This site explores ways of making communication more meaningful. Much of the content is written from a work-based perspective, as it is drawn from professional experience in business consulting, but the underlying principles can be applied in any context.”
  8. The Myth of the Secret Genius | “From Elon Musk to Elizabeth Holmes and Donald Trump, many very rich people are effective at convincing us of a myth: they’re secretly a genius, and you’re just too dumb to understand. Are they right?”
  9. Gen X Is in Charge. Don’t Make a Big Deal About It. | “The original “latchkey kids” are grown up, in the boss’s seat and ready to make the rules. If that’s OK?”
  10. This St. Louis House Is a Pattern-Filled Time Portal to the ’80s | “In her home, the artist Katherine Bernhardt conjures the giddy heyday of the Memphis design group.”